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1 Subway Surfers

The best game ever because of the nice music graphics and the challenging moments, once played never forgotten

Best App ever, This app Is way too far more addicting from Temple Run 2, I just feel like playing it right now!

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2 Temple Run 2

Very nice and frustrating but its worth it but I don't really like the rope, cart, and the place it should be jungle like the amazon

This one is better than Subway Surfers! - pillshere

3 Temple Run

The previous temple run that I played for years but I like it its more challenging than temple run 2 but easy to buy everything so that's why its not very challenging

4 Pitfall

Very cool game and has 3d graphics that changes angles you can ride some motorcycles and some animals that you wack and the places more challenging than temple run but I really hate because it crashes all the time and its kinda boring

5 Angry Gran Run

Funny, you kick some people but don't really like it because its not well callibrated on the touch and not very realistic

6 Agent Dash

Ver nice game but I'm concerned with the left and right thing

7 Jetpack Joyride
8 Minion Rush
9 Into the Dead
10 Zombie Killer Squad

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11 Sonic Dash
12 Running Fred
13 Buddyman Run
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