Best Free Multiplayer First Person Shooters

The Top Ten

1 Team Fortress 2

I've played team Fortess 2 for ages and it never once got me bored. Each weapon has a unique style of how to use it and what it does. Oh an TF2's awesome cartoonish like artwork and graphics are mind blowing and never gets old.

2 Combat Arms

This is the best

With over 300 guns and don't even get me started on the attachments. This could possibly be one of the best.
Only downside is that the graphics are very poor, and there are so many hackers, n00bs, and 5 yr olds that can't afford Call of Duty or BF3

3 Alliance of Valiant Arms

This game would be second, if the game didn't come with so many pop-ups and viruses. And that stupid aerial launcher! Graphics? AMAZING, I mean Call of Duty and BF3 AMAZING!

This is truly the best FPS game ever. The best graphics. Good range (easy and hard to use guns vary) and types of guns. The server is very quick cause my ping is only 200 and I play from China on the us server. Never get bored of the game. Perfect ranking ex needed.


4 Blacklight: Retribution

When I first saw the trailer, all I could think is how this game looks like Call of Duty and Crysis combined, but then I actaully played the game, those first impression thoughts came shoot out of my head. The graphics were beautifuly done, and the maps were awesome, the futuristic guns were fantastic, and the game itself was like staring into the eyes of god.
Sadly, the game, after playing it for awhile, it gets... BORING. It just becomes less fun. That's why this is forth place.

5 Super Monday Night Combat

There is no words to discribe it other than A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
The only downside is, is that some characters are locked and you have to buy them. What kind of "FREE" game makes you buy items to get good. Also, it's... Third person, but I liked the game so much I still put in fith place of "Top Ten Free FPS (multiplayer)"

6 Tribes:Ascend

This game had it's ups and downs but still made it to my sixth place because it was that good. Te futuristic wepons were original. The maps were crazy, and well, the characters look like spartans from halo :L graphics were great, and it a a unique gameplay.

7 APB Reloaded

I liked this game, but it's still not worthy to be anywhere better than seventh place because, to me it was just Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row combined, that isn't a bad thing, just, unoriginal. Still, good graphics, good maps, and great customization

Customization that every other game should figure out how to have, the rest of the game, meh, but the game is fun, for a lot of things, but most of all the customization

8 Crossfire

This game has permament guns and great gun variants

9 Battlefield Heroes

My very first Free FSP game, good, but nothing to compare with the rest. The only downside that I HATE, it's that you have to pay money to buy a better weapon, but with the free points you can rent it for a day or to, and it's a pain in the ass to gt points in this game!

10 Counter-Strike Online

Can't be bothered to buy any of the counter strikes? Well your in luck caus nexon and valve released a cheap yet entertaining version of counter strike!

The Contenders

11 Loadout
12 Battlefield Play4Free

Crap graphics, good gameplay, it really goes back into the roots of classic BattleField, I love that

13 BeGone

What a game! And it doesn't tell you to download anything!
It has good graphix 2!

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14 Soldier Front 2 (S.K.I.L.L.- Special Force 2)
15 BioShock Infinite
16 Planetside 2

Most ambitious game of all time period. 2000 players on one enormous map, all fighting a huge, realistic war. Breathtaking visuals. World record holder for most people in one battle. You can fly vehicles, and drive vehicles. Plenty of classes. And amazing fun!

This game is CRIMINALLY underrated. Seriously, believe me when I say this is the king of FPS games. If you don't, then go download it and start playing for free! I've been playing for almost 2 years without spending a DIME and I LOVE IT!

Honestly Planetside 2 is way better than most standard games out there; it definitely deserves the top spot on the Free to play list...

17 Zula

Zula is free 2 play game released 2015 by Madbyte

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