Best Free Video Editing Software

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1 VideoPad

I can't tell it's so amazing

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2 T@b ZS4 video Editor
3 Windows Movie Maker

Good program. It's a pity it doesn't seem to cover all media formats.

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5 Blender Visit Website9
6 VideoSpin Visit Website9
7 Movica Visit Website9
8 Camtasia

It's so easy to edit things and record screen in camtasia. I think it is the best editing software

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9 Free Video Dub

It is a handy tool to perform basic video editing: cutting out unwanted scenes from your videos. The program really helped when I needed to cut out ads from the videos I recorded.

Even some formats are still not working compatible. But it's enough for home application. The most important is it is free.

I tried this app for cutting videos, it was easy to use and did what it promised.

Easy to use video editing program, you can use it to not just cut the video, rotare it, resize it in just a few seconds

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10 VirtualDub Visit Website9

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11 Avidemux
12 Moviestorm
13 iMovie

I use iMovie... and it comes with your mac computer. It always does what I want... the only recommendations is that you can have two titles on top of each other, more then one picture in picture and bigger selection of titles. Otherwise, iMovie is the perfect editor for everyone!

I am using this currently. I am in progress of upgrading to Adobe Premiere.

14 SmartPixel

Smartpixel is an easy to use screen capture software and video editing software for windows. It mainly used for youtube tutorial videos, game videos, webcam music videos editing.

15 Freemake Video Converter

It includes all key features. You can cut, merge, rotate videos. Get rid of music and add unique soudtrack.

16 Adobe Premiere Clip

This app is amazing you should try it

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