Best French Actors of All-Time


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1 Gerard Depardieu Gerard Depardieu

Clearly the best. With films like Jean De Florette and Green Card you can't go wrong with this guy being the greatest French actor of all time.

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2 Jean Reno Jean Reno

Jean Reno redefines acting, each time I see him acting I feel like I am leaving the story, he makes 3D 1960 technology

3 Alain Delon Alain Delon Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon is a French actor and businessman, with French-Swiss dual citizenship since 1999. Delon became one of Europe's most prominent actors and screen sex symbols in the 1960s.

It dosent matter that Alain is left acting beause of his age... hi and nly hi is still by far the best of the best actors I will ever know

4 Vincent Cassel
5 Daniel Auteuil
6 Jean Gabin
7 Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo is an amazing actor.

8 Michel Piccoli

most versatile and electrifying actor of the 60's through 90's.

9 Benoit Magimel
10 Yves Montand

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11 Louis de Funes Louis de Funes Louis de Funès, born Louis Germain David de Funès de Galarza, was a popular French actor of Spanish origin and one of the giants of French comedy alongside André Bourvil and Fernandel.
12 Gérard Philipe
13 Jean Dujardin
14 Philippe Noiret
15 Jean-Louis Trintignant
16 François Cluzet
17 Julien Poulin
18 Patrick Dewaere
19 Romain Duris
20 Vincent Perez
21 Jean Rochefort
22 Michel Serrault
23 Bourvil
24 Fernandel
25 Guillaume Canet
26 Omar Sy
27 Michel Galabru
28 Bernard Blier
29 Gaspard Ulliel
30 Pierre Niney
31 Pierre Richard
32 Lambert Wilson
33 Dany Boon
34 Eric Elmosnino
35 Lino Ventura
36 Mathieu Kassovitz
37 Thierry Lhermitte
38 José Garcia
39 Mathieu Amalric
40 Olivier Martinez
41 Kad Merad
42 Jean Marais
43 Jacques Villeret
44 Jean Carmet
45 Max Linder
46 Louis Jourdan
47 Christopher Lambert
48 Gérard Lanvin
49 Niels Arestrup
50 Tahar Rahim
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