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21 Beef-o-Bradys

Worst French fries and buffalo wings! Zaxby's is so much better!

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22 Jack In the Box
23 Whataburger

I like the whatabuger French fries because they taste very good while we went to panmma city beach for our vacation we eat there for lunch and breakfast I Know whatabuger does breakfast but we eat breakfast at our hotel room we eat pancakes at our room in the morning me and my brother shared a bed it had no kitchen because it has a microwave but I love those French fries!

24 Jollibee

Love it! Not like the other fast food chains there... it really taste as the noypi people wanted to taste for such food.

25 Red Rooster
26 Ore-Ida
27 Dairy Queen

It has French fries that can not be toped. The French fries are so good some times I get them instead of the awesome ice cream. - hollyleafforever

28 Swiss Chalet V 1 Comment
29 Oasis
30 Hardees'

the chili fries are delicious - russian

31 Fries to Go V 1 Comment
32 Blake's Lotaburger
33 Taco Bell
34 Spizzico
35 Zaxby's
36 KFC

Why is this not number one? KFC chips are the bomb

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37 Braums
38 Steers
39 Culver's
40 Rally's
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