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Chandler Muriel Bing is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by Matthew Perry.


He is a wonderfully warm and funny character. He is the guy one would really want as a friend. the only guy in friends who is actually funny and does not rely on situations

Where can I even begin with Perry, he filled Chandler's shoes splendidly. Can you believe, a guy who laughed at a pen would develop into such a mature and perfect husband like character. Even his dressing sense got better by 9 season. I mean you can not compare the two Chandlers. Oft than not, he's the only guy who's not jealous and insane. He is good looking, is sentimental, a great friends and most of all a great husband and Father figure. I must say all the women to this day who think he's not attractive compared to Joey, are the ones who have selfsame brain as Joey's. I guess in the Friends Universe, Monica came off as the luckiest woman,

-he is the most honest and down to earth
-he loves monica more than anything! - and its true love
-he hasn't had a zillion divorces- unlike ross
-he's amazing and totally normal even though his childhood is messed up
-matthew perry is so cute! - every time I see the scene where all the guys are putting eye drops into Rachel's eyes, all I can think of is "chandlers getting squished"
-he's witty and so likable
-he hates his job!

"Nice camouflage, man. For a minute there I almost didn't see you"...

Some of my favorite chandler moments are: When his psycho room mate won't leave and he comes home from work and the guy is still there, holding a piece of meet and says "you know what this is? " and chandler says "your last room mate's kidney?! " HILARIOUS! And when they're helping ross bring his couch up the stairs and he keeps screaming "PIVOT! " and chandler finally says "Shut-up SHUT-Up SHUT-UP! "

His quick wittiness, vulnerability and loveable characteristics make him T.V. gold. His relationships with Joey, Janice and Monica were a laugh a minute. In one episode Ross comes in with a tan and Chandler says 'Oh dear God. Hold on there is something different'. Ross says ' I went to that tanning place that your wife suggested'. And Chandler quips 'Was that place THE SUN'. Hilarious! He is fab... Well done Chandler you smashed it.

Watching Chandler and his wit improves a person's sense of humour... Seriously people! IF you want to develop your sense of humour, you need to watch Chandler... The best sarcastic jokes all were written for Chandler. I think even the directors wanted Chandler to be the best character.

Hence Chandler wins!

He cracked some great pj's through out the show. Loved it when he and joey lived together. I loved the episode where they had a quiz abt each other which he and joey end p winning. I n one of the episodes when ross enters joeys and chandlers apartment and say " what did the insurance company said" to which chandler replied " they said you don't have insurance here so stop calling us"

Chandler is the only character, along with Rachel, who had the most development through the series. He became a dependable husband from a scared of commitment type of guy. He's loving, helpful and most of all an understanding human despite his turbulent childhood. I love Perry, he's so handsome and he filled chandler's shoes spectacularly.

Chandler is the best character on T.V.. His signature sarcasm and jokes come at just the right moments and not too much. He can be serious though, especially with his love for Monica. If I had to decide which Friends character to be friends with, it would be him. No one ever knew what he did for a living.

Chandler, for me, is the best character. He's so funny (obviously! ), but he also has such a caring nature, especially towards the end of the seasons when him and Monica are trying for a baby. He grew up so fast and so quickly. Who would have thought that 'Ms Chanandler Bong' would be (besides Ross - "The Divorce Force! ") the first character to get married on the show. And, with the risk of sounding like Janice, OH MY GOD his jokes! A couple of my favourites are his exchange with Monica when they're trying to work out why they got 'fake numbered' from a couple they met on honeymoon; - 'Was that another joke? '
- 'Was that another question? '
And, of course, 'It's an electric drill - you get me, you KILL me! '

Go Chandler!

Chandler is the best character out of all the friends because he can make a joke out of almost anything. At first the way Ross was acting I thought he was the best but know I definitely pick chandler. His sarcasm and his sense of humour. Could I be any more right?

Loved the character the most. His interaction with the other characters was funny and serious at the same time. It kept them all more grounded. My favorite episode was the switching apartments bet. Hilarious television. Chandler and Joey and Ross had the best and most realistic friendship.

He is my favorite! I identify with his character so much. I find him the funniest. His lines are amazing, clever yet very funny. And I don't think anyone could have played the role of Chandler better than Matthew Perry. Bless him!

I'm literally passionately in love with him. Like no one will ever understand my love for him if he were real I'd be so happy. Ugh it upsets me that he's not real:( if anyone knows someone like him let me know and I will marry them.

Chandler is the kind of friend that everyone wants! He lightens the mood constantly and he's so relatable. I mean he's an extreme case of crazy families but everyone has one that they can relate to. I love Chandler

Underrated in the show itself but the always has the funniest jokes and the greatest serious talks at the same time. I mean he is like half the fun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And the rest is the other cast members.

I don't know what to say about ol' Chandler. Always been my fave character. Maybe I relate to him in some ways, I. E, self-deprecating jokes, etc. Just my favorite. His and Mon's story is great in my humble opinion. I can't believe Ross is number 4, he has his moments, but he's my LEAST main Friend. Sorry, Ross, (not really).

In the first season when he is trapped with a model during a power faliure you really get to know how chandler works, one of the best characters ever in television!

I love friends and think every character is great but chandler is by far the greatest. The way he makes the best out of a situation with his one liners. He makes me laugh every time

Best character by a mile :D Absolutely hilarious, reminds me of myself because I'm sarcastic :D Loved him. Superb and Legend are the words that come to mind when I think of him. My favourite character of all time on every show

Chandler is the wittiest, clumsiest, guy on the show! His best one is when phoebe asks them if they know anything about chicks.. chandler: fowl.. no! Women... no!

Best quote- I'm not so great with advice, can I interest you with a sarcastic comment? ,
he is by far the best and funniest character on the show xD

He plays the role so well and he makes me laugh every time he cracks a joke. In the 2nd episode ever there wasn't a time he opened his mouth and the audience doesn't laugh!

Chandler's the best and the most memorable character of Friends and that's why perhaps his career is not going that well since people are not able to forget him.