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61 The One With the Boobies

I love how they all see each other naked so funny (o) (o)

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62 The One with the Evil Orthodontist
63 The One Where Paul's The Man
64 The One With All The Resolutions

Good God. How is this not #1? So many quotable lines, and Ross bashing himself in the head while trying to get the leather pants back on.
"They're not coming on, man... And now the cream and the power formed a paste! "

65 The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
66 The One On the Last Night
67 The One After I Do
68 The One With the Stoned Guy
69 The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line
70 The One Where Rachel is Late

The combination of Rachel tired of pregnancy "ugh, I have to pee.. Again! Apparently this baby thinks my bladder is a squeeze toy! " haha. and Monica and phoebe betting on when she'll have the baby gets me every time! One of the two episodes I could watch over and over!

71 The One with All the Rugby
72 The One With The Routine V 1 Comment
73 The One with the Tea Leaves
74 The One With All The Poker
75 The One With The Lesbian Wedding V 1 Comment
76 The One with Frank Jr.

Chandler and Joey are excellent in this episode.

77 The One With Joey's Fridge

Always burst out laughing when Joey pushes Ross into the fridge, and then blames it breaking on him. One of my favourite moments of the whole series of Friends!

Bad far joey's greatest episode

78 The One in Barbados

I think that all the episodes in Barbados were very interesting. So funny!

79 The One with Rachel's Book

This is the one with Joey making fun of Rachels book. "Do you smell smoke? Must be your burnin loins! ", "Can I make it up to you by doing you roughly in the barn? "

80 The One the Morning After

I don't know how this is not higher, its one of the most emotional episodes & has some of the best acting. It's the most relatable & emotional episode, you can't not like it

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