Best Frozen Yogurt Flavors


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1 Vanilla

It's delicious! You can't go wrong with a classic

I love it so much

It is better than any other!

I like salad

2 Chocolate

Chocolate is amazing I love it my family loves it to

Love it so much

Chocolate is better than any flavor

I love chocolate

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3 Red velvet

This flavor reminds me of my mothers sweet red velvet cake. Brings back good memories & tastes DELICIOUS! Definitely a must-try!

It tastes like cake! It's great! Try It! - carolyngirl10

I would trade my right arm for some RIGHT NOW!

Red velvet kicks ass

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4 Mango

Why isn't this #1? Legit my all time FAVE.

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5 Country vanilla

It's not from the country, but it's kind of got a different flavor! It's great! - carol

6 Strawberry

If your a strawberry lover, then the choice is simple. But I do love to mix it with either vanilla or banana

7 Lemon

It's not sour it's the power man! - carolyngirl10

Lemon is amazing and I love it!

It has a sour taste I like it

8 Cookies and Cream

A mixture of vanilla frozen yogurt and indulging Oreos always satisfies my sweet tooth.

Its the very best

This one feels good in my mouth

I love it

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9 Orange
10 Peach

I Think it tastes fruity and like ice cream at the same time! I love It! - carolyngirl10

The Contenders

11 Blueberry
12 Banana

Tastes like a banana

13 Cotton Candy

Super pink and cute. It's so delicious and sweet and reminds me of a cheery carnival. - Cutiegirl123

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14 Raspberry


15 Cake Batter

Cake batter is the best by far. Cake batter for the win - Haumea

Why is this so low. Cake batter for the win

Cake batter should win it's the best

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16 Brownie Batter

Gives you diarrhea

Yummy to the MAX!

17 Chocolate Mint
18 Tart Cherry
19 Cheesecake

This should be number one!

Its not for women


20 Watermelon

It's yummy in my tummy

It tastes like real watermelon

I just like it

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