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Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Cover Art

Best but shimmer is better than million miles by far... Seen them in concert about ten years ago and was pretty good live...

This song is really deep. For the longest time it was the only song I knew by Fuel, but it unleashed me to a great band.

A professionally crafted song. The Power, vocals, emotion. Pure Perfection. Changed how I see music forever.

Great song. I have the privilege of performing this song with the original fuel drummer, Kevin Miller.

Shimmer Shimmer Cover Art

One of the best songs ever made. Better than all of their other songs combined by a long shot. Wish they made more songs like this.

Been in love with this band for years now. See them at multiple shows around the area and they are bad ass live

Brings back so many memories from my teenage years. I love this song more than I could ever explain in words.

In the beginning it sounds country like theme then it transcends into best rock song!

Sunburn Sunburn Cover Art

Good chord mix with excellent vocals especially in acoustic

Falls on Me Falls on Me Cover Art

Excellent lyrics and theme, as well as an amazing rock arrangement to back that up. Overall, one of the best alternative songs of the decade. Fuel rocks

Features probably their best and most catchy chorus.

Great and awesome song. One of Fuel's best.

Should be on top 3

Quarter Quarter Cover Art
Wasted Time Wasted Time Cover Art
Leave the Memories Alone Leave the Memories Alone Cover Art

Hands down my favorite song by Fuel. Powerful lyrics that draw out raw emotion. Great melody. The part about the garden is some of the best lyrics ever written.

One of the best songs I've heard.

In my minds eye, you know they still bloom for me.

Awesome song without a doubt. It's one the must song from Fuel if you love them.

This track is really heart touching, especially for someone who has suffered loss.

It's weird how it's not mentioned here. I really like this song!

Jesus or a Gun Jesus or a Gun Cover Art

The earlier stuff is better music, the energy here is insane.

Easily of of their top 3 songs.

Last Time Last Time Cover Art

I think that this song should get more credit. It has some great, empowering lyrics, backed by an impressive alternative track. I immediately fell in love with this song, though just about all Fuel songs are good.

Bad Day Bad Day Cover Art

Really, this song isn't even on the list? Amazing song that is probably one of my top 5 Fuel songs

Hemorrhage is good but I like this one better this song I grew up with my mother always played it it reminds me of my childhood and I love the song I believe it should at least be on the list

One of my favorite Fuel songs.

So many memories with this song. 👽

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Innocent Innocent Cover Art

Very underrated song with a deep meaning about temptations in the world. Easily one of their best songs and a highlight from the Something Like Human album.

Cold Summer Cold Summer Cover Art

Wow, this is actually such a catchy song! I listened to this song by chance, and trust me, if you give it a try, you'll not be disappointed. Easily my favorite fuel song right now!

This song really crept up on me. Now I just can't get it out of my mind. It's amazing! Hemorrhage is cool too, but I see it's already no. 1 and this one needs a higher spot, in my opinion.

Seriously an amazing song... Please please please listen to it

Easily their catchiest song.

Gone Gone Cover Art

The first time I heard this was when WWE used it as the theme for Night Of Champions 2007. Since then, it's been my personal favorite song by them. The instrumental is so addicting and is the best part of the song hands down.

Angels Take a Soul Angels Take a Soul Cover Art
Empty Spaces Empty Spaces Cover Art

I don't know why nobody has ever heard of this song.. But it Rocks..! The Most Unique Fuel Song!

This is such a bs list this song rocks tf out sounds like AIC

Bittersweet Bittersweet Cover Art

This deserves to be on the list for the opener alone, I can never get tired of listening to this.

Can't believe this song isn't on here and at the top!

Wow I expected to see this at number 1!

This belongs much higher

Million Miles Million Miles Cover Art
Won't Back Down Won't Back Down Cover Art

Absolutely love this song. It has a great hard edge to the rock, Brett's vocals are kickass, and it definitely gets me pumped when I run or lift.

Running Away Running Away Cover Art

It's one of the better fuel songs..
I really feel like I'm there in the situation where I'm in love with two gals..LOL..

Halos of the Sun
Scar Scar Cover Art
Most of All Most of All Cover Art
Solace Solace Cover Art
Getting Thru? Getting Thru? Cover Art
These Things These Things Cover Art

Just love that long melodic guitar solo

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