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21 Scar
22 Most of All
23 Solace
24 These Things

Just love that long melodic guitar solo

25 Soul to Preach To

Welcome back Fuel. After making their claim to fame in the late '90s and early 2000s, the band went through several lineup changes. With frontman Brett Scallions returning on their 'Puppet Strings' album, his stamp is all over the disc. The lead single 'Soul to Preach To' offers those great heavy guitars that were a staple of their early sound, but what makes it truly standout is the bluesy swagger and the addition of a Dobro that provides a unique feel.

26 Again

Why isn't this number 1? This song is AMAZING, If you have not heard it, please, please listen to it!

The best Fuel song.

27 Wander

Probably one of my favorite ballads of all time!

28 I Should Have Told You
29 Hideaway

One of the most underrated songs from Sunburn... Surprised that it was not here already

30 Getting Thru?
31 Daniel

Very good cover

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