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The Last Dance

The first time I watched this episode, My eyes started watering like hell. It's such a sad episode, but when a T.V. episode makes you cry, that's when you know they made a great episode. The message of this episode was obviously aimed at coping with death. I've lost grandparents as well, it's hard and I can relate to this episode so much, this would have to be the best episode in my opinion.

This episode is great. It handles loosing someone you are close with very well. This show may be a comedy, but knows when to get serious, like loosing a family member.

I cry watching many episodes.. well mostly during those cute and special moments and this episode touched me very much because I lost a grand parent and you don’t notice how tough it is until it happens

That made me cry to it was so sad

Secret Admirer

Rusty writes the letter, tells Michelle to give it to DJ (or as he says: "Your Sister") and tell her it is from the paper boy. Well, Michelle gives it to "Her Sister", just not the right one. Michelle tells Stephanie that it was from Rusty, Stephanie tells DJ that he gave her that note, DJ talks to Rusty, Rusty thinks DJ is in love with him. Cindy finds the note, thinks it is from Joey, Danny finds the note and thinks it is from Becky, Becky thinks it's from Danny, Joey thinks it's from Becky, Jesse thinks it's from ether Danny or Joey, and Kimmy thinks it's from Jesse

This, in my opinion is the smartest written episode of the show. It's very funny and has a cool concept. It is a great example of what the prime season of Full House (season four) had to offer.

Funniest and most unique episode, which follows the characters' thoughts instead of their words.

This was definitely my favorite episode

Silence is Not Golden

I love this episode because it shows a very serious situation that happens in the real world.

Another emotional stand-out episode where it deals well with an important domestic issue.

This episode made me want to punch Charles's dad in the face!

This episode made me cry

Honey, I Broke the House

Stephanie's reaction is priceless when she drives through the house

Stephanie accidentally drives joeys car in the kitchen

It was so funny!

Comedy and emotion and steph

The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang
Dr. Dare Rides Again

Scott Biao. Awesome.

Our Very First Show

This was the very first episode where joey gladstone and jesse katsopolis move in with danny tanner and his 3 girls michelle, donna jo ( DJ) and stephanie.

This episode rocks! I love this episode so much! I mean this show is hilarious to watch!

I think this is the best episode ever

I like this episode because it was when everyone was just moving in the house after Pam died which was sad but I like this episode

Joey's Place
Rock the Cradle

It's when Becky figures out she's going to be a mom.

Making Out Is Hard to Do

Stephanie's best friend invites her to a party when she told her dad that there was going to be adult supervision and then stephanie finds out that it was a make out party and she calls her big sister dj to pick her up when her dad answers the phone and picks her up.

It is not adults but good episode better than "our very first show

I can't believe they had a make-out party nice job nick

One of my Favirote Episodes in Full House! Though it's not for kids

The Contenders

Middle Age Crazy

Stephanie is feeling ignored so she decides to get married.

I feel sorry for stephanie but I love this episode

The Dating Game

Best episode by far

A funny episode where 10 year old Stephanie goes on a date (SHE IS VERY RUSHED) but yet this episode is funny

Just Say No Way

Michelle: Baby Beluga is broken.
Stephanie: *happy* Really?
My favorite part of the episode

Dj and kimmy gibbler plan a dance and jesse plays music there. When dj's date kevin was drinking beer dj showed them how stupid they looked and jesse catches her with the beer

Greek Week
Joey Gets Tough

The 3 girls dj stephanie and michelle trick joey into letting them stay up late because he was "soft" and then dj goes over to a friends house after school without telling joey and joey ends up grounding dj when she had a karate tournament so dj gets mad at joey.

2nd Favorite Episode! The Bicycle Thief is Too Good to make this my favorite, though!

Michelle Rides Again: Part 1 and 2

This is the last episode. Danny entered Michelle in a horse back riding contest against a girl with a rude mother and they decide they don't want to be in the contest, so Michelle and the daughter of the rude mother go out and Michelle falls of her horse and loses her memory but it comes back eventually.

Its just so sad that her memories are gone a I wonder were her horse goes

Support Your Local Parents

That's the episode where Danny grounds DJ, Stephanie and Michelle.

Jesse and becky's twin boys Nicky and Alex have a social problem so jesse and becky join a support group

The House Meets the Mouse

I love it! So much going on, although it gets me mad because stephanie was suppose to get it! Did you know in reality when they were filming stephanie, played as jodie sweetin, went to the bathroom and came out crying because apparently some kids new her from the show or somthing

Come on! "The House Meets The Mouse" is a really great episode! They take place in Disney world and Michelle is princess of the day! I love Disney World and I even loved Disney ever since I was a kid so

I remember watching this episode where Michelle became a princess of the day. So much better than The Princess Diaries (2001) and any princess film or item.

Disney rocks so swett danny

Shape Up

Very seriously

Three Men and Another Baby

Jesse, joey and danny babysit a baby named tony and michelle is feeling jealous.

The IQ Man

Joey and jesse write a commercial for a colon and jesse ends up being in the commercial but then jesse has a problem with the client so joey and jesse quit for the buisness they are working for and decide to start their own company

The Greatest Birthday On Earth

This is a hilarious and great episode!

Way better then "science is not golden"

The Bicycle Thief

Haven't watched much Full House since the 90s, but of the episodes I remember, I think this was my favorite.

The funniest episode in the whole series. My favorite with Joey Gets Tough in a very close 2nd.

One of the funniest episodes of the whole series!

This episode is perfect should be in top 10

Just One of the Guys

Kirk Cameron(brother of Candace Cameron, who played DJ)guest stars

Is It True About Stephanie

This is my favorite episode

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