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41 Den

Den deserves credit. Awesome dog. Best character in the series if you ask me

42 Dante

She is one of the most under rated charters in anime history she over throne by father. Imean people remember him because of his power not in his charter. Dante was much more interesting and a bit more realistic than most villains we'll just her personality some one so cold and heartless. She was the lover to the Elric father he left her and that why it think she more realistic then father I can see some becoming evil because of some thing like that.

She's not the best character ever, but she does not deserve to be this low on the list. I think she makes an amazing villain. Although cold and heartless in many ways, her backstory allows her character to be realistic and relatable in some ways. She didn't have a ridiculously big goal like Father's (becoming God), but instead aimed for immortality.

43 Sloth Sloth Sloths are mammals classified in the families Megalonychidae and Bradypodidae, including six extant species.

Sloth is just cool.

Why is there a Sloth? That's so random!

Lol why is there a sloth? - MehMcBoored

Ew why is this here... ?

44 Tim Marcoh

Amazing, how he nearly killed envy, just amazing!

so bad ass

45 Shou Tucker Shou Tucker

What the hell is he doing here? He's a twisted, selfish psycho who saw his family and dog as guinea pigs! But on the whole, one can't blame him for realising the error of his ways in the '03 version and since he ends up as a chimera himself in that version, he can be considered a tragic character somehow or somewhat. - Nononsensecapeesh

Tucker turned Nina into a chimera! Why is he not in the very back?

It's a good thing that he is in last place. - ToukaKirishima

I think someone put him here just to make people mad (and I think it's working...) Though I find it odd that someone would consider him then someone like... I don't know,... Cheska, or even Nina herself.

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46 Rose

? Rose? Really? Who likes Rose? I admit, she isn't BAD, but really. She doesn't deserve to be above anyone on this list.

Dude, I totally agree with U. Someone else deserves this place more than her. Someone who did something awesome and incredible to ACTUALLY deserve the spot. I'm not a hater of Rose. Not at all. This is just my opinion on things.

Rose was much better in the original series because in the original she was actually a strong charter she lead her people I mean yeah ed help throw it but is there anyone you ed didn't help in the show and I think this version was much darker because we'll she was rape aim they never say it but the fact she was a mute and with the baby and with her city attack in war yeah so there not a lot to rose but I think she deserves a little more credit not a hole lot

In 2003,she was just a damsel in distress who caused trouble for everyone and finally got Ed stabbed. - Tia-Harribel

47 Miles

Miles is the basis on which the country will heal and be reconstructed. He has several origins and assume each one oth them. He is the perfect officer : obeing the orders of his general when commander, taking initiative when separated from her. Also, his charisma in Opening 4 is incredible!

The dude is ishvalan and one of the coolest characters I have seen ever in my life, COME ON, look at how he orders the tanks to fire in opening 4, don't tell me you don't love that

I like him because he...

48 Grumman

Truly underrated character. Incredible strategy and intelligence at such a old age. Not only capable at leading, but witty and entertaining.

49 Yoki

Yoki is great funny guy with great driving skill

Lol Yoki is really funny character.

Yoki should be at the bottom, in fact, he shouldn't be on this list. Black Hayate needs to replace this guy on the list.

50 Dr. Knox

He's grumpy but he cares.

51 Trisha Elric
52 Shao Mei

The little cat is totally adorable. She is true to may, and pretty much mirrors her actions. She also lends a helping hand whenever possible.

She's a panda. A cute panda. She was so adorable

53 Wrath

The least pathetic, the wisest, the most humble. Wrath is truly the example of a complex and interesting villain with personal motive that honestly is debatable.

The most human of the homunculi, and the most interesting / likeable

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54 Sheska
55 Sig Curtis

When are these going away?! - MehMcBoored

56 Roa
57 Dolcetto
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