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41 Nina Tucker

Oh come on guys! I know she isn't in either series very long but surely such an adorable and tragic character deserves one lousy vote? She even helps with the birth of Elicia in the '03 series for goodness sake! If there is nothing heroic about helping Ed discover his ability to use Alchemy without a Transmutation Circle which ultimately results in the birth of a healthy infant then the world is even more twisted than her father! - Nononsensecapeesh

Nina and Alexander's (don't forget the cute puppy) death was so sad I nearly cried. RIP Nina and Alexander!

Even though she makes a short appearance it was sad how she dies she deserved better.

Nina :(

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42 Miles

Miles is the basis on which the country will heal and be reconstructed. He has several origins and assume each one oth them. He is the perfect officer : obeing the orders of his general when commander, taking initiative when separated from her. Also, his charisma in Opening 4 is incredible!

The dude is ishvalan and one of the coolest characters I have seen ever in my life, COME ON, look at how he orders the tanks to fire in opening 4, don't tell me you don't love that

I like him because he...

43 Grumman

Truly underrated character. Incredible strategy and intelligence at such a old age. Not only capable at leading, but witty and entertaining.

44 Yoki

Yoki is great funny guy with great driving skill

Lol Yoki is really funny character.

Yoki should be at the bottom, in fact, he shouldn't be on this list. Black Hayate needs to replace this guy on the list.

45 Martel

Badass snake girl that was actually a good person. So sad that she died whilst inside Alphonse. That must've been real awkward and tough on him.

Martel is amazing. I almost cried when she died.

WHY IS MARTEL NEVER APPRECIATED!?!? Her death was just as sad as nina and hughes! Alphonse obviously cared about her too, and then SHE DIED! INSIDE OF JIS HOLLOW BODY! THIS IS WHY you SNEAK OFF INSTEAD OF FIGHTING YOU DUMB CHIMERA! *Sobs in bed*

46 Maria Ross

Maria Ross is amazing, just as cool as riza if you ask me

47 Dr. Knox

He's grumpy but he cares.

48 Trisha Elric Trisha Elric
49 Shao Mei

The little cat is totally adorable. She is true to may, and pretty much mirrors her actions. She also lends a helping hand whenever possible.

She's a panda. A cute panda. She was so adorable

50 Den

Den deserves credit. Awesome dog. Best character in the series if you ask me

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