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American indie pop band based in New York City that was formed by Nate Ruess.

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1 Some Nights

This song is do cool... You guys must listen to this song and vote for it Fun. For the win

We Are Young is only first, because it's popular, but Some Nights is probably one of the best songs of 2011

Awesome song!... Love it...

Radio version is way better than original, but I think it's still better than we are young

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2 Carry On

I honestly think it should go like this;
1. Carry On
2. Some Nights
3. We are Young
4. All The Pretty Girls
5. Walkin' the Dog

No.3 you've got to be kidding me... This is surely the best song of fun... Fell in love with it the first time I heard this song... This must be 1 followed by somenights...

Come onn... THis must be number 1... Too good a song... Lifts your mood up anytime, whether your sad, lost or frustated...


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3 We are Young


I love the first two lines:
"Wait a second there, I need to get my story straight...
My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State. "
And the singer isn't THAT ugly...

Amazing song. I'll never get tired of screaming the chorus out of tune at the top of my voice every chance I get. My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state. :')

So good I can play this on the French Horn

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4 All the Pretty Girls

All the music released are amazing. But this are my favorite hudsaoihudsaoi

Has a fun beat and is in my top 5 of Fun.

Best Fun. Song of all time. You can't beat it. It has a great tone and chorus, and Nate Ruess sounds great on this song. I love the video too. It's really funny. Overall, it's amazing. Go Fun.! - Jay-Frag

The song is good, and make my mood

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5 Why Am I the One

I love this song. Was about to change the station on the radio and was arrested by the song with my hand hovering in the air. One word, wow! I love the group and this song best.

Give it a chance.

Seriously one of fun. 's best songs. I'm in love.

This and Be Calm are my favorite songs from them - FixedNation

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6 Walking the Dog

Love this song. It's so catchy! The music video is amazing as well. It inspired me to try some of my own music video-covering.

I wish "I Wanna Be The One" could have made it on this list. - tanakaseiron

I love this song! It's so happy and joyful! I love Fun. ♥ amazing band

I LIKE This song but why is there not It Gets Better!

They made a sad song into a happy one! It rocks!

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7 Be Calm

Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
I know that it gets so hard sometimes,
Be calm.
Take it from me, I've been there a thousand times.
You hate your pulse because it thinks you're still alive
And everything's wrong
It just gets so hard sometimes
Be calm.

These lyrics are powerful and speak volumes. Amazing Song with Great LYrics

This song is amazing! It should be ranked second and Carry On should be ranked first. I love Fun., they are really good and I made my shoes to look almost like the ones he wore in the music video for Carry On they look so cool. And to all those people whom change the words when they sing any of his songs that isn't right you have no reason to change what he wrote even if he says a bad word it is still his song you shouldn't change it.

Fun's best song. The melody, the lyrics, his voice. Everything is perfect. Everyone says that they are like the Queen but I think they are only the Fun, an original and amazing pop band. We love you.

Its really a serious track and it will never fade of my brain

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8 The Gambler

Maybe not the most catchy, but certainly one of the most well written of all their songs.

Honestly their best song. It is beautiful and has a deeper meaning that it appears. Some Nights was my favourite until I heard this

I agree that this song should get more attention that it does. Beautiful song- well written and really heartfelt. This song came on without me really paying attention to the lyrics, but when I did... Wow


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9 C'mon

COME ON ONLY 9%!? This is one of the best songs ever made in the history of Fueled by Ramen maybe even in the world!

With Panic! At the Disco - MatrixGuy

PANIC! AT THE DISCO! Need I say more? Two of the best bands ever, working together? This song is like Chirstmas came early, and Chirstmas comes every time I listen to this song!

This song is very catchy, how come it is not in the first place?

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10 At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be)

This song has every thing people like in a song catchy good meaningful lyrics good vocals amazing RHYTHM (don't hear much of that these days) and a big finally to see it at ten not were I would put it unless I saw take your time (coming home)

I really love fun.'s songs... They're crazy, wild, and FUN! :)) But, I love this song the best.

The Contenders

11 All Alone

Why isn't this higher up? It is so good and has so much meaning. The only reason that it didn't higher is because the radio stations overplay the top songs!

Definitely doesn't have the attention it needs. Catchy and beautiful.

Most amazing song I have heard in a long time! Why wasn't it a hit?

I LOVE this song haha laugh out loud

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12 Take Your Time

If you look at the lyrics, this song is clearly one that the singer cares about. Great song too!

This song seriously grows on you, one of my favorites off of "Aim and Ignite"

This song is long, but the feel of a garage jam song makes me love it

This is a the best song ever

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13 Out On the Town

BEST SONG EVER! I bet I broke the replay button on my laptop

What is this doing at #23?! This is by far one of the best songs on Some Nights, if not the best. The production is amazing, and the fact it was only a bonus track is an appaling thing.

My friend said she didn't like fun. I played her this song.

My favorite track from Some Nights.

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14 Just Give Me a Reason

Wonderful song, honestly in should be in the top 5. Just go and listen to it and it will definitely entrance you.

This song is a collaboration with the artists fun. And P! Nk. It is an extremely catchy song, and I think if anyone reads this, you should just listen to it. Once. It won't hurt, and if you don't like it just click away!

This is like the top five for me its number 3 after we are young and be calm this should really be up in the top five so if you haven't heard the song you should youll really like it! I Guarantee it!

Okay just hold on this song was a collaboration with P! nk but Fun(as a band) was not officially in the song it was only Nate Ruess yet my vote goes to this song 💖💖💖

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15 All Alright

Why is this song not number 1? Amazing melody and lyrics. My all time favourite fun. Song!

Song I can relate to one of my favorite songs by fun. Fun. Is my favorite band they r very talented.

16 I Wanna Be the One

This is the best song ever made, this song ispired me a lot to create music of this style: Art Rock, Symphonic Rock. Simply the best of Fun. the 1st album is the best, hope Nate made more music like this, hope someday I can make music like this and have a song as wonderful as "I Wanna Be the One" and "at Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used to Be)" this is real art, what what the art is made of, I can't expresss my feelings very well about this, but this passionates me so much

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17 Sight of the Sun

This song is awesome, just the greatest. I listen to it always, my ipod is always on repeat so I can always listen to this... Basically.. This is one of the best songs ever...

Very refreshing to hear some new content from them. I love this because it's really serious and dramatic but at the same time I can't help but dance to it

Definitely deserves a higher position in the list! The tone of this song gives me the chills and the lyrics is simply mesmerizing!

Great song
Gotta say As sad as I used to be sucks

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18 Benson Hedges
19 Believe in Me
20 One Foot

Really love this song. This should be on the top 5 list.

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