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1 Roses for the Dead Roses for the Dead

Love this song, really deep and engaging

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2 History History

The 8th most played song on my itunes which is saying something as I have thousands of songs on there! Fantastic song. - wolphert

Fantastic lyrics and composition. Great singalong and very effecting. Their best song.

3 Red Is the New Black Red Is the New Black
4 All the Rage All the Rage
5 Monster Monster
6 Streetcar Streetcar
7 Rookie of the Year Rookie of the Year

The whole of CDADIC was great, but I just think this one tops all of the others. Now I will ramble on about nothing so that the bar at the bottom can go to green, and give me a feeling of satisfaction

Why is FFAF so unknown? They're one of the bests song I know! This was the first song of them I knew and that's why I'm voting. They make me feel so good, I really can feel their songs in my heart. TY FFAF for being part of my life.

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8 Escape Artists Never Die Escape Artists Never Die

One of the greatest songs ever made in my opinion

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9 Kiss and Makeup Kiss and Makeup
10 Juneau Juneau

Get MONSTERS the hell out of the top ten now! So many better FFAF songs than that! Juneau IS Funeral For A Friend, everything else is merely one of their songs.

Sad to hear FFAF are breaking up
(by the way I wrote this just after they announced their last tour so can no one tell me I'm late...)
They are a great band and this is just the last one I listened to so I called voted for it

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11 Broken Foundation Broken Foundation

Can't believe this song is this low dows

12 Drive Drive
13 Charlie Don't Surf Charlie Don't Surf
14 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations

This song gas me dancing around my kitchen

15 You Can't See the Forest for the Wolves You Can't See the Forest for the Wolves
16 One for the Road One for the Road
17 Recovery Recovery
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