Best Funeral for a Friend Songs

The Top Ten

1 Roses for the Dead

Love this song, really deep and engaging

Hits home!

La mejor sin duda.

2 History

The 8th most played song on my itunes which is saying something as I have thousands of songs on there! Fantastic song. - wolphert

Fantastic lyrics and composition. Great singalong and very effecting. Their best song.

3 Red is the New Black
4 All the Rage
5 Streetcar
6 Escape Artists Never Die

My number 1 by absolute miles

One of the greatest songs ever made in my opinion

7 Monster
8 Rookie of the Year

The whole of CDADIC was great, but I just think this one tops all of the others. Now I will ramble on about nothing so that the bar at the bottom can go to green, and give me a feeling of satisfaction

Number 2 Song Ever!

Why is FFAF so unknown? They're one of the bests song I know! This was the first song of them I knew and that's why I'm voting. They make me feel so good, I really can feel their songs in my heart. TY FFAF for being part of my life.

9 Juneau

This is a masterpiece...

Emo scene legends

Get MONSTERS the hell out of the top ten now! So many better FFAF songs than that! Juneau IS Funeral For A Friend, everything else is merely one of their songs.

Sad to hear FFAF are breaking up
(by the way I wrote this just after they announced their last tour so can no one tell me I'm late...)
They are a great band and this is just the last one I listened to so I called voted for it

10 Broken Foundation

Can't believe this song is this low dows

The Contenders

11 Kiss and Makeup
12 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations

This song gas me dancing around my kitchen

13 Drive
14 Charlie Don't Surf
15 One for the Road
16 Ghost

The lyrics hit you like a bus. Tells a very sad story, and the melody and guitar are just incredible - Kingjellyjam

One of the saddest songs I know. It tells a story

17 You Can't See the Forest for the Wolves
18 Recovery
19 Into Oblivion
20 Waterfront Dance Club
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