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1 Primus Primus Primus is an American rock band based in San Francisco, California, currently composed of bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Tim Alexander. Les Claypool is regarded as one of the best bassists of all time for his slap-bass ability in notable songs like "My Name Is Mud", "The Toys more.

Primus are one of the few unique/creative bands still left in the rock/metal landscape, along with other bands like Tool, Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. They are much more talented and interesting than that pop travesty known as Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are above them on the list.

Dont know how these arent top. Claypool is a sweet ass bassist, defo better than Brad Wilk or Flea. If you haven't heard them, check them out.

These guys are only famous for doing the South Park theme song yet no one knows their other songs. You should definitely check them out.

One of the most creative bands to ever live. - HardRockSam

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2 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine is a Funk Metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk.

I have had a look at all the rap metal/funk metal lists on this website, and I have to say that I've never laughed so much! RHCP, Linkin Park, etc are good bands. They, however, in no way compare to RAGE! In terms of lyrics, beats, guitar riffs and solos, power, energy, live performances, causes, impacts on the world, etc etc etc.. Rage is just the Best Band in the world!

out of all the bands listed rage has more power and flavor. zake is the best vocalist on the planet and rage has the most to say.. you need to add the 247spyz also to the list.. also no one deliver the power like rage against the machine...

Best funk metal, controversial lyrics, and simply put: awesome rage. If you are interested in funk metal, listen to their fist album from 1992, "Rage Against the Machine". Every song is more epic and fresh than the other. Kudos to this band!

Without a doubt, untouchable in this genre of music, simple!

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3 Living Colour Living Colour Living Colour is an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1984. Stylistically, the band's music is a creative fusion influenced by heavy metal, punk rock, funk, jazz, hip hop and alternative rock.

Vernon Reid is an awesome guitarist and the songs information overload, cult of personality, times up, go away and great expectations have amazing guitair solos. Flying has a good outro solo. Bi, love rears its ugly head, middle man, song without sin and desperate people have great riffs. Awesome band!

Their sound is so awesome!

Kiss ass band. Cult of Personality----just listen and youll know

The Best!

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4 Infectious Grooves

Some of these bands ain't nowheres near the Funk (even if they groove a little bit sometimes). Others ain't really metal (even if they sound kinda heavy). But Infectious Grooves is both... And in my opinion prolly the most underrated band in this piece. Maybe it's even more true for Stevie Salas' Colorcode. But Primus? Korn? Really?

Now this is a band that not only conforms to scrutiny of hard core Metal fans, but also take ya on a ride into a musical adventure breaking new grounds!

I was hoping Robert Trujillo would bring some of these grooves to Metallica, but that's just dreaming.

One of the best on this list. At the age of 42, I'm still a huge fan - Funkadelian

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5 Faith No More Faith No More Faith No More is an American rock band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1979. Before settling on their current moniker in 1983, the band performed under the names Sharp Young Men and later Faith No Man.

These guys should be in front of the chilli peppers, red hit chilli peppers sold out big time after under the bridge

This is one of the best bands ever. Very nice music, and their funk-metal era is really great

My third favourite band. It makes me angyr seeing how underrated they are.

Why the f%%% FNM is under Red Chili Peppers?

6 Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot Chili Peppers The Red Hot Chili Peppers is an American funk-rock and alternative rock band, that was founded in 1983. more.

To all the people saying RHCP isn't metal, I'd like to say you're right, however they do have a couple albums that have enough funk Metal songs to land them a place here. I wouldn't say it's enough songs to give them the top 5 or even the top 10... maybe not even the top 15 but it's for sure enough for the top 20. All you gotta do is listen to One Hot Minute. Heck even Blood Sugar Sex Magik has got some funk Metal moments

Red Hot Chili Peppers is better than any Funk Rock bands!

red hot have so many good musics, and personality

Give it up for rhcp they have inspired bands like Molotov! 🙌

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7 Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle

Not as popular as the other contestants, but as good as it get's in Funk-Metal. Not sure if "metal" is the right term here, but let's say "aggressive" funk. Beware, Mr. Bungle is FUSION in the strict sense of the word, but ear candy for anyone who enjoys going on a musical adventure trip! If you don't know them... What are you waiting for! (I loved most of the contestants though... Great list)

THE best Funk Metal band of all time!
I have no idea why Red Hot Chili Peppers are up there, as Mr Bungle do what they do so much better than them.
Mike Patton is the master of Funk Metal!

They deserve to be at least in the top 5. And get RHCP out of this list. - Dibildox

Send your songs in my account pl

8 Extreme

Why isn't it on the list? Nuno Bettencourt is one of the best and most skilled funk metal guitarists

A bit underrated band but on par with the Chilli Peppers and Infectious Grooves in terms of funk "craftmanship". Mourning Widows (Nuno's band after Extreme first disbanded) was also quite nice funk metal band. Check it out.

Pornographiti is The best funk metal album of all times (and it remains real metal unlike some others like Red Hot that is, by the way, a very good pop band)

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9 Snot

Anyone actually heard Snot on this website? Korn, not funk metal, rhcp, not funk metal, the only thing stopping this from being top is Snot only made one studio album before their lead singer died. That album is far more energetic than everything here.

I really don't know why this band is so close to the bottom. I am a massive fan of rage against the machine and heard all of these bands convinced that none of them had nothing on rage, and now I've heard this band and wow, they are close by rage now, mad band.

Un groupe unique avec une voix unique! Un style funkie et speed en même temps! Je suis totalement fan!

10 24-7 Spyz

Amazing band totally underrated

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11 Fishbone

If you really want funk that only brothers can produce mixed in with rock, then this is no doubt the one.

Fishbone, the pioneers. Even RHCP have learned from them. At the beginning. - Funkadelian

12 Mind Funk

This band deserves way more credit than it ever got

13 Scatterbrain
14 KoЯn

Korn's first two albums are... I can't think of funk metal sounding any better. Follow the leader is also great, and the rest have very good songs... Accept it KORN RULES everyone who is anyone will tell it to you... Only posers with thrash metal t-shirts say its no good. I was a teenager in the 90s... Believe me, I know.

Korn are the ultimate Nu-metal band going. Try and say Korn aren't the best.

Korn is the best

JD you r the best in the world

15 Incubus Incubus Incubus is an American rock band from Calabasas, California. The band was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, and drummer Jose Pasillas while enrolled in Calabasas High School and later expanded to include bassist Alex "Dirk Lance" Katunich, and Gavin "DJ Lyfe" Koppell; more.

This is also the best band ever.

Incubus'es Dirk Lance shreds on the bass in their first few albums along with DJ Lyfe, before evolving into a mostly rock band. Their funkiest album is definitely fungus amongus followed by S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

16 Clutch Clutch Clutch is an American rock band based out of Frederick, Maryland, originating in Germantown, Maryland.

Come on! Why is clutch all the way down here?!

No way in hell primus is better than clutch

Not funk metal, but I love Clutch. - Funkadelian

17 Maximum the Hormone

Sadly the only funk metal band around I know that still releases new songs deserving the genre tag. You can tell their bassist must've been heavily influenced by Flea's early work.

18 Ugly Kid Joe
19 Mordred
20 Mother's Finest

What could be more painful than an alleged Funk Metal band list omitting Mother's Finest? How about the ones here who, instead, are obviously suggesting their own bands, which are neither funk nor metal. Get it straight: Hippie/Jam Bands are never, ever Funk. They are very rarely even "funky" (thump and popping bass riffs not withstanding). Pathetic. Cheez...

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