Best Future Songs


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1 Turn On the Lights Turn On the Lights V 1 Comment
2 Permanant Scar Permanant Scar
3 Truth Gonna Hurt You Truth Gonna Hurt You
4 Tony Montana Tony Montana
5 Same Damn Time Same Damn Time
6 Neva End Neva End
7 Low Life Low Life

Low Life was released out of nowhere and I will say this was a nice surprise from Future. The Weeknd slayed the hook and first verse, while Future killed the rest of the song. It's a great, entertaining, trap song with an eerie production from Metro Boomin. This shows what kind of brilliance Future can put out. - yaygiants16

V 2 Comments
8 You Deserve It You Deserve It
9 Long Live the Pimp Long Live the Pimp
10 Magic Remix Magic Remix

The Contenders

11 Where Ya At Where Ya At
12 Astronaut Chick Astronaut Chick
13 March Madness March Madness V 1 Comment
14 Jumpman Jumpman

To be honest. Drake did FAR better than Future. Future didn't do so well. - AlphaQ

V 1 Comment
15 Honest Honest V 1 Comment
16 Digital Dash Digital Dash V 1 Comment
17 Big Rings Big Rings
18 I Won I Won

This song has the best beat and is truly amazing.

19 S*** S***
20 How It Was How It Was
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