Best Gallagher Songs (Liam and Noel)


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1 Don't Look Back In Anger

This song is written by noel Gallagher and written sally as said in the chorus. - johnjohnny

2 Wonderwall

This is a popular song among the oasis fans. The voice may not be the best but the song is. - johnjohnny

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3 Some Might Say

A good rock song I never get bored of this song. Written by Noel Gallagher - johnjohnny

4 Slide Away

Tough decision but this would probably have to be my all time favorite, never get sick of hearing it. Love it. - poohead

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5 Champagne Supernova

Not a single but still a top song. - johnjohnny

6 Lyla V 1 Comment
7 The Importance of Being Idle

A song written by noel and sang by Liam. The instrumental is sort of like the chorus in this song. - johnjohnny

8 The Masterplan

One of oasis top b-sides songs. - johnjohnny

9 Live Forever

What? 11? This should be 3

10 All Around the World

This song is underrated it was number one but the song may be too long 9:39 minutes long. - johnjohnny

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11 The Death of You and Me

A song written by noel and lead single of the noel Gallagher and the high flying birds. Pretty good lyrics. - johnjohnny

12 I'm Outta Time
13 Whatever
14 Songbird
15 Fade In-Out
16 Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
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1. Wonderwall
2. Don't Look Back In Anger
3. Some Might Say
1. Don't Look Back In Anger
2. Some Might Say
3. Wonderwall



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