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1 Angel of Salvation

The best 14 minutes of my life started once I clicked the play button on a YouTube video that broadcasted this song, loving each and every moment of it.

The Most Epic of Epic. I wish someone translate it properly to English for other listeners to appreciate.

One of the greatest songs ever created

This Song Is AWESOME, 14 min of Coolest!
It Must Be The TOP (1) :D

2 New Legend
3 Silent Revelation
4 Still Loving You - Resurrection

One of the greatest Power Metal songs ever written. There is none other like this one; completely unique in style and structure. - NBDFRAGGERS

5 Everlasting
6 Struggle for the Freedom Flag
7 Hunting for Your Dream

I love this song, burning my spirit.. - ipinidaisuke

8 Bash Out!
9 Whisper In the Red Sky
10 The Nightcraver

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11 Deep Affection
12 Dawn of Tragedy
13 United Flag
14 Destiny
15 Destinations
16 Raid Again
17 The Time Has Come

We all know what Syu is capable of. I'm in love of every solo he does. This one... I just can't tell what makes me feel

18 A Far-off Distance
19 Burn My Heart
20 Ancient Rage
21 Beyond of the Ground
22 Cause Disarray
23 Point of No Return
24 Heavy Curse
25 Glorious Aggressor
26 Shriek of the Vengeance
27 The Flag of Reincarnation
28 The Awakening
29 Aim at the Top
30 Alsatia
31 Cry for the Dark
32 Kizuna
33 No Exit
34 Seasons Cry
35 Last New Song
36 The Flame
37 Sign of Revolution
38 In the Cage
39 Vanishing Hope
40 My Last Farewell
41 Braving Flag
42 Fate of the Sadness
43 Dream Place
44 The Scenery
45 Eternal Regret
46 Meditation for the Saga
47 Rebel Flag
48 Requiem
49 Child of Free
50 Final Resolution
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1. Deep Affection
2. Struggle for the Freedom Flag
3. Whisper In the Red Sky
1. Still Loving You - Resurrection
2. New Legend
3. Angel of Salvation


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