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41 The Direwolves

Ghost for the win!

I would choose a direwolf over a dragon any day! The direwolves were simply adorable! - Penpineappleapplepen


Best creatures in the show.
Dragons can be a bit much

42 Drogon V 2 Comments
43 Jojen Reed

I think he is the greatest character in the whole show and is very underrated. I believe that bran stark is going to be very important by the end of this amazing show and it will be all because of jojen.

He's very intelligent, and I like his character.

V 3 Comments
44 Gregor "the Mountain" Clegane Gregor Ser Gregor Clegane, nicknamed The Mountain, is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin, and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. V 1 Comment
45 Syrio Forel

This dude is really likeable, "what do we say to god death? Not today."

This guy is a total badass. He manages to take out five soldiers with a wooden sword, and gets killed protecting Arya. I felt to bad when he died he was the coolest character in the whole series

If he had a sword on him, simply wouldn't have died

The best accent at the his time with arya...god of dead...don't die

46 Meera Reed

"Some people will always need help. That doesn't mean they're not worth helping."

She had to mercy kill her own brother, the person she loved the most, to end his suffering...there is nothing stronger than that.

47 Grey Worm V 3 Comments
48 Ghost
49 Ellaria Sand

Some one you know you will love to hate. A villainous, villainess.

She is a great character. Hate the sand snakes all you want, but she is awesome.

Cersei killed Tyene the same way Ellaria killed Myrcella. Awesome - 12cc

50 Lancel Lannister
51 Euron Greyjoy

Probably Daenerys biggest threat. Also makes badass statements

"Godless? Why, Aeron, I am the godliest man ever to raise sail! You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray"

He is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters of season 7. - IronSabbathPriest

52 The Hound
53 Wun Wun

One of the best characters of the series, would have liked to see more of the Giants

I agree with the visitor. Died too soon. Classic arrow through eye. - IronSabbathPriest

Wise and Badass

54 Rhaegar Targaryen

He's technically not "in" the series, but he's a bad-ass

It was a shame he had to die so early in the series I really loved him, even though he was kind of a dick in the end

V 2 Comments
55 Jaqen H'ghar V 1 Comment
56 Renly Baratheon

He died too early.

57 Roose Bolton V 1 Comment
58 Maester Aemon

Best character by far, lived to 104 years old.



Cute old man, love him :D

V 1 Comment
59 Alliser Thorne Alliser Thorne
60 Ser Barristan Selmy V 1 Comment
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