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61 Renly Baratheon

He died too early.

62 Rhaegar Targaryen

He's technically not "in" the series, but he's a bad-ass

It was a shame he had to die so early in the series I really loved him, even though he was kind of a dick in the end

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63 Thoros of Myr

Most badass entrance

Has to be in the top ten, saved the hounds life when he froze up against the dead polar bear, also remember who was first to enter the siege of pyke! R.I.P THOROS OF MYR

64 Jaqen H'ghar V 1 Comment
65 Maester Aemon

Best character by far, lived to 104 years old.



Cute old man, love him :D

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66 Alliser Thorne Alliser Thorne
67 Ser Barristan Selmy V 1 Comment
68 Eddison Tollett V 1 Comment
69 Pypar
70 Yara Greyjoy

Strong minded and valiant, she also know when to listen to her heart

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71 Talisa Stark
72 Grenn
73 Olly V 1 Comment
74 Hot Pie
75 Rodrik Cassel
76 Shireen Baratheon

Shireen should be much higher than 72. The appealing character deserved so much better than this.

I love shireen, she is possibly one of the sweetest characters

Bring her back elegant little, tragic, princess

She should be much, much higher on this list - Penpineappleapplepen

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77 Nymeria Sand
78 Ned Stark

He's already on this list. - Kfox101

79 Mance Rayder

Like it or not, Mance is one of the most charismatic characters.

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80 Joffrey

If all people hates joffrey, it means the actor is great.

The actor playing Joffrey is the best in the series in my opinion. He's was so good at making you hate his character.. Although I did actually miss him from the show. I used to laugh every time he was on screen. He was that nasty. Brilliant character

Actually, you can vote for someone else, and comment about Joffrey without voting for him.

Bring me his head!

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