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81 Mance Rayder

Like it or not, Mance is one of the most charismatic characters.

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82 Joffrey

If all people hates joffrey, it means the actor is great.

The actor playing Joffrey is the best in the series in my opinion. He's was so good at making you hate his character.. Although I did actually miss him from the show. I used to laugh every time he was on screen. He was that nasty. Brilliant character

Actually, you can vote for someone else, and comment about Joffrey without voting for him.

Bring me his head!

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83 Loras Tyrell V 1 Comment
84 The High Sparrow

He did us all a favor: he locked Cersei in a cell. And he did it via badass speech to boot!

85 Aerys II Targaryen
86 Missandei

A loyal friend. And it doesn't hurt that she is beautiful.

87 Gilly V 1 Comment
88 Rickon Stark V 1 Comment
89 Jeor Mormont
90 Master Luwin
91 Myrcella Baratheon
92 Selyse Baratheon
93 Walder Frey Walder Frey

Walder Frey should be locked inside a cage with a dire wolf and we should all watch him get eaten

One of my all time favorite game of thrones character. Made a strong impression on me. Ooowwooo!

94 Doran Martell
95 Styr
96 Tyene Sand
97 Obara Sand
98 Howland Reed
99 Balon Greyjoy Balon Greyjoy
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