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41 Gotcha Force
42 Turok: Evolution

Turok evolution was by far the best game I have played on the gc... Though I have only played very few of them. This should be at least number two or three.

43 Resident Evil Zero V 1 Comment
44 Super Mario Strikers

Why I this game so low on the list then? It has been generally well-recieved by critics, & emphasis is very powerful for a 6th generation era game... welcome to the 7th generation era. If only there were a sequel toward this game's sequel. This is one of the best Gamecube games ever & I thought it would be in the top 10s.

Best Mario games ever

45 Pokemon Colosseum
46 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

While there are plenty of great franchises that have made the conversion from 2D over to 3D, Prince of Persia stands out as one of the only ones able to keep the exact feel of gameplay through the conversion. Games like Metroid manage to change the way franchises are played while still keeping the magic alive, but Prince of Persia retains everything from the previous versions. Gameplay feels exactly how it did on the 2D productions, offering level design that will drive a sane gamer completely mad, and control that ensures precise platforming. Nothing in the design had to change for a near-perfect conversion, making Prince of Persia one of the best franchises to truly conquer the leap from 2D into 3D. Did we mention this is a gorgeous game? - kingmjmj

47 Crash Tag Team Racing
48 Ultimate Muscle:The Kinnikuman Legacy
49 Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones


50 Cubivore

Cubivore was greatly underrated. It's music was simply beautiful (although at certain times repetitive), and the gameplay was full of strategy. You had different ways to battle other animals, like your roar, or the eat n' run strategy. It's my most favourite GameCube game. It's replayability wasn't that great, though. It's truly one of a kind. If you haven't tried playing cubivore, I recommend you do.
It's amazing.
-Dan mongoose (visit the cubivore wikia! )

51 Star Fox Adventures

When it came out, it had the best graphics ever made. It still looks amazing, and compliment that with great controls, stunning scenery, a great storyline, challenging missions, and huge levels. This is one of those games that looks so incredible you can just wander around without doing anything and never get bored. - arbeZameniC

The graphics still held up as good as anything a whole generation later. The music is one of David Wise's best in his career, and he's known for amazing music already. The gameplay is on par with Ocarina of Time, though the story is a bit complex, the world is well established and compelling.

This Is A Bit Like The Zelda
Tough Puzzels Awesome Weapon ECT..

I heard people hating on this game and I was like what - spodermanfan1000

V 1 Comment
52 Viewtiful Joe
53 Amazing Island
54 Shaman King: Soul Fight
55 WWE Day of Reckoning
56 Fight Night Round 2
57 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
58 Rave Master
59 Spider-Man 2
60 Lego Star Wars II
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