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21 Quiz Show
22 Bejeweled
23 Dragon City

I find it very addictive and it always has something new to offer. The breeding and combat part is excellent... I love dc!

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24 Cafe World
25 Press Your Luck
26 Bejeweled Blitz

its a game that makes you move at a speed that you have never move before.

27 Frisbee Forever
28 Restaurant City

I started to play it like 2 days ago, but it is very funny - rock2metal

So sad it went away, still remember it fondly

29 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
30 Happy Aquarium
31 Plants vs. Zombies Adventures
32 Sorority Row

Low interaction and most people that play are the same scum that played Sorority Life

33 Zombie Farm
34 Deal or No Deal
35 The Price Is Right
36 Farmtown
37 Paper Toss Friends
38 Airline Manager

A realistic but not too realistic game where you have to manage an airline. This game simulates managing an airline while keeping it simple and easy, yet gives you a good sense of managing an actual airline. Staff strikes, aircraft damage, etc. Are all in the game

39 Nightclub City

I read dat dis gme is the bst gme of 2010. I think dis gme is 500 times better than frmville this gme diservez to be 1st in dis list so plz evry1 vote for dis gme

40 Car Town

Way better than all of them why do people play farmville have you ever watched that video by tobuscus it's funny anyway car town rocks

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