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1 Grand Theft Auto 5

I love Grand Theft Auto very much but I'm surprised that call of duty and halo didn't make it on. Now Grand Theft Auto is very unique because nothing comes close to it (Saints Row doesn't feel the same as Grand Theft Auto).

Open world, new cars, featuring everything possible, good graphics, Improved overall car handling, no more boat-like when turning...

Oh my god, the best series of games has possibly the best game in the world added to it. Rockstar will do well to follow up Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas. But definitely excited about Grand Theft Auto V

For sure

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2 The Last of Us

I have had the honor of completing both Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us within one week and I can testify as an unbiased entity that Last of Us is the best game I have ever played followed by Grand Theft Auto V. Now I know that TLOS is exclusive and that is the reason it is lagging behind Grand Theft Auto but believe me when I say it: TLOS is the best complete gaming experience you can ever hope for; this coming from a guy who had the best gaming week in his life with the top two games. Other games are in the upper echelon as well but these two are playing a different sport altogether, forget the same league.

As it stands, if it were a toss up between Grand Theft Auto V and TLOS. I would give TLOS the nudge 10 out of 10 times. In terms of Gameplay, TLOS eclipses Grand Theft Auto even though the possibilities are endless. But TLOS accentuates its strengths and sticks by them. There are minute intricacies which gamers tend to look over but TLOS compelled them to take ...more

You're guys crazy if this game isn't number 1 or 2, I mean It has awesome graphics, awesome gameplay and I'm sure it will have an amazing campaign.
This game is gonna be a hundred times better than Grand Theft Auto V, it should be on the top of the list with BioShock Infinite

The only reason this isn't #1 is because it's exclusive.

If this were multiplat, it would be #1 no doubt. This is not just game of the year, it's game of the generation.

Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait for Grand Theft Auto V. That will be an incredible experience. But is it something NEW? Not really, it's just really big. The Last of Us is an entirely new concept in that no zombie (I know they're infected, not zombies but same concept) game before has focused so much on story.

Naughty Dog is the pinnacle of gaming this generation. Everything about TLoU is phenomenal. The gameplay is smooth, fun, exciting, and much more varied than in any other shooter. The graphics are among the best this gen has seen. The story is indescribable. Yes, the premise has been done before, but the way and manages to convey the story is something that MUST be experienced first hand to really appreciate it and understand why this game is so good.

Hell, even the multiplayer is ...more

One of the best games of 2013

Great work Naughty Dog

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3 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Come on, at least should be in top 10! M/_

The one and only game which inspired me a lot!
This is the best game in the world...

It has the best storyline ever in gaming industries...

Hit Thumbs up if you guys agree with this - skandan12

The best game ever in the world!

It's be in no1 because it's a great game

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4 BioShock Infinite

Easily the number 1 game of 2013, I think this game would receive the same respect half-life 2 get and will be remembered by gamers all around the world as the greatest game of all time because of the gameplay and deep story, immersing atmosphere that became bioshock series' trademark

Although it's already obvious why everyone loves this game, I feel the need to say something different. The reason why I feel like this game should be the best of 2013 is that it goes above and beyond expectations. We all know that GTAV will have more vehicles, more missions, etc. But Bioshock Infinite goes above and beyond, it doesn't just give us a good story, it was able to take on new mechanics that not only are new to the series, but to the FPS genre in general. It's a beautiful game, with even more beautiful visuals and this game finally gave us an ending its previous games couldn't, which in my opinion, is more than enough reason to see why this game is the best of 2013.

Every great game had a massive thing that no other game of the same genre had: Half-Life (1 and 2) had a extremely awesome way to present you a story, you know, without cutscenes and all of that, it was purely gameplay.
The Elder Scrolls saga have an massive liberty...
Grand Theft Auto is pure fun.

But BioShock Infinite... Oh, BioShock Infinite has an amazing story and an amazing way to see it. The combat is fun (not THAT fun, but it makes it work), the characters are amazing, and the story is the best in a lot of years. It has flaws, as an excessive amount of combat (at least in my case, I wanted to shoot a little less, but other people will think it's alright), but however it always manage to make a compelling gameplay always directed by an amazing story. Hurrah, Irrational Games!

One of the best FPS games ever.

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5 Batman: Arkham Origins

I think this game is going to be an epic one

Ready for the new arkham game?

I am fully ready to play third Batman game. Lots of monsters, super-villian that Batman must kill all evil villain. - Gray18

I will admidt even though I was hyped for the third arkham game almost as I was hyped for arkham city but they voice actors had changed like Kevin Conroy is not batman and Mark Hamil is not The Joker but I thought this remake would work right well overall it was just an alright game while The Joker voiced by Troy Baker was amazing in this game as Baker was great as Joel The Batman in arkham orgins was just cocky especially when he saved Joker in the end I guess I mean in Arkham City even though Batman had killed Joker by not giving him the cure there was a purpose to why Batman made that discussion in Arkham City however in Arkham Orgins Batman is saving The Joker because he is just saving the Joker and how Alfred died that's lame because Alfred survives but aside from that I do like the sidequests the combat is as good as the other Arkham games and the boss fights were good too not as amazing bosses like Arkham City but still the bosses were good in Arkham Orgins and I do like the ...more

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6 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Who is the idiot that didn't make this number 1? Are you blind or something, this game was legendary, it went where no fighting game has gone before and think about it, if the DC heroes ever battled like this, all of that destruction would happen. Injustice really turned around my feelings about Aquaman, Nightwing and some of the others. This game will also show you some heroes or villans of DC you may have never heard of like Soloman Grundy or Black Adam. The animation of this game was stunning especially the stage transitions and super moves. It was made by the creator of Mortal Kombat But they took a huge step forward and created the best game ever.

WHY IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1? ITS A FIGHTING GAME WITH INTERACTIVE OBJECTS AND SUPER EPIC LEVEL TRANSITIONS, WHAT MORE DOES THIS GAME NEED TO BE NUMBER 1? This game was probably loved by everyone, and I think I speak for a lot of gamers out there, I love this game because it's taking a break from all the war games out there which most people like me are getting tired of. Injustice Gods Among Us for the win

This game should be on top... This game have everything - X-zilus


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7 Battlefield 4

EA better not mess this up...

Just awesome, nothing more too say. One of the best battlefield games. Also the best Fps games ever.

Laugh out loud How is this below Call of Duty Ghosts. I'm sorry but I like both Call of Duty and Battlefield but Battlefield took 2013 in my opinion, no question.

How could anyone not let this be number 1, I love this game!
-WolvemaniaPLAYS (I don't record this stuff though)

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8 Tomb Raider

No. 8? Excuse me! This is eventually/currently the best game of 2013. How can anybody vote for Grand Theft Auto V before even releasing?... Don't you know what happened with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Tomb Raider gave me one of the best gaming gaming experience I've ever had, of course except skyrim and Batman Series but this showed me a greatest example of a power of a woman and what is the real meaning of "The Hero".

Come on no:5 are you serious! This is like the one of best game I have ever played. I loved Lara croft and her fight for survival. The graphics of the game is breathe taking. The story line is powerful. People you should really buy this game and check it out your self that a women can really be powerful and a hero

Tomb Raider explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor. Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold.

This is real top 5 list:
5.FIFA 14
4.Grand Theft Auto 5
3.NFS Rivals
2.Tomb Raider
1.Assassin 's Creed 4
This is for me

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9 Super Mario 3D World

It makes you feel awesome with playing this game, and looks amazing, feels like it's gonna bring you to a fantasy world.

Should be #1. Grand Theft Auto V may be fun, but there's so many bad things about it. This game is amazing! Great graphics, music, fun and creative levels, cool twist on story, and I love the new Cat Suit and Double Cherry power-ups. This game is so awesome!

And why is it 73

The final level of this game "Champions Road" I've never heard of until 2018 when I watched's "top 10 Hardest Mario Levels" and then I decided to collect all the star coins and Stamps in this game to play and try to complete it. In fact I haven't completed it yet (for those of you that are reading this in August of 2018)

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10 Saints Row 4

Before I played Saints Row the Third, I was mainly a Grand Theft Auto fan. After I finished SR3, I knew that I HAD to use my money on Saints Row IV. Besides, it'll occupy me until Grand Theft Auto V is released. They're only about a month apart. August 20th, I cannot wait for you

I've always wanted to see superpowers in saints row and this game has is it is going to be no doubt a best seller this game now has it all. 10/10 from me

I don't care about what people say about the new saints row game but I know it's gonna be amazing

I remember when this was a game about gangs. - DapperPickle

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11 Pokemon X

Can't compete with Grand Theft Auto V but I think this would also be the best for everybody (But for matures is Grand Theft Auto V). I mean don't regret it. It is now going to be on 3DS. With enhanced graphics because there is no more pixelated stuff! Gameplay? It is pretty much the same though but more to come for this game. Can't wait for October 2013!

Sorry for out, but Pokemon is one of the greatest things to happen in my life. I am mature, but Grand Theft Auto will never be able to compete with ANYTHING from Pokemon (anime and all. It doesn't come close to anything Nintendo. )

I can't wait to try this game, I am sure this is the best game even though I haven't played it yet! Haha.

Grand Theft Auto is compete trash

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12 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

This sequel of the twenty year old 'A Link to the Past' was one of the best video game experiences of all time!

Brilliant story, brilliant gameplay, my favorite game of 2013 and one of my favorite Zelda games to date.

I prefer Skyward Sword and Wind Waker, but I also like A Link Between Worlds.

Link's prettyy

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13 FIFA 14

Can't wait for FIFA 14

This is a chance for a person who doesn't play football, to have the feeling to be on the pitch. Fabulous, realistic graphics. Feel the game!

Dopest most realistic game out there a feel me?!

The best game to begin playing football. Hi! This is winner 333. Pa the pap brraa!

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14 Deadpool

Come on... It's Deadpool.

Should just vote to put Aliens at the bottom

This is the rare game that really focuses on comedy. I've played plenty of games and the only laugh I got was from irony, or the lame joke that comes up. This is filled with laughs, great graphics and is the best game of 2013.

It was made in 2016 - Candyboy

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15 Dead Space 3

Primarily set on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis, the game will follow protagonists Isaac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver as they attempt to stop the Necromorph scourge for good. There is also an improvement over the weapon system. The 'Bench' weapon upgrade system from Dead Space and Dead Space 2 has been upgraded to a new upgrading system called 'Weapon Bench'. Here, player are able to construct new weapons from parts that Isaac collected throughout his adventure. - winner333

No Dead Space game yet truly captured the open world potential of a horror. I love Dead Space 1 and 2, but the scares in them are all fixed, and if you miss them, you miss them. In Dead Space 3 you have bigger areas to explore, and they actually revved up the difficulty and scares to feel like you're in a bad spot. Solid game.

Frozen off a dead seeming planet you go and into a monster riddled facility, this makes some games shrink at the scales of play here! I loved the previous two installments of space fueled horror & the third is a true testament of willpower! If you can't see Dead Space in the top 10 of this list you are born backwards & you can't read a sign from any distance. The power ups at the fitting stations throughout the games progress is quite an eye opener. No laugh intended no monster or human can imagine the breath of life this game takes on! Lets do better wity this rating drop down Assasins Creed Black Flag - Civil War Is Over, Batman Arkham Origins Next title is better than this one, no grapple hook huh, The Last of Us - Fallout 3 is the end yep & Grand Theft Auto 5 dreams if stealing cars and hot babes nobody is dating in real life, see me eye to eye now. - VIRTUALWARRIORJ XBOX 1 gamer for life!

Played this with my girlfriend and we were so addicted it is a super fun game and if you haven't played it, you're missing out. - dabiel

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16 Call of Duty: Ghosts

How is it 38. Just because it's Call of Duty it should be lower. When a new one comes out everyone wants to get it. Long lines ok storylines but great online play.

Looks like it'll be a good game, from the trailers. Finally leaving the Modern Warfare storyline. - klGrime

Well, the first point is that the story of all the call of duty's games is awesome, I really like how the graphics paint a incredible gameplay and story. I think that the story should be played in a movie. It's a good choice like Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, and Battlefield 4.


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17 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Most creative game Nintendo's done since Skyward Sword.

Imagine a Sonic versoin called "Amy's Mansion" or a crossover version called "Luigi & Amy's Mansion" whereas Sonic & Mario are both kidnapped by King Boo.

Only on 3DS I love it when Luigi is not scared if freaky spooky ghosts. WHO! AHHhHhHhHH! - JohnDionne

18 WWE '14

WWE games is better than other games

Man I bet this game is going to be the bomb and when It comes out

This has not came out yet
It comes out oct.29,2013
And al wwe games are better than
All games
So ha

JavelinGXMk10 is insane

he used to be a somebody

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19 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Okay, I'm not going to lie you guys. I like GTA5 and Call of Duty and all those other games guys usually play, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf should AT LEAST be in the top ten. The gameplay never gets old and, lets face it, nothing is more addicting than hanging out with virtual animals. :3

This game will probably be unappreciated, even though everyone with a 3ds pretty much owns this game and plays it everyday and will probably continue to play it all year.

This is the best game to come out this year. Hands down. Not only does Animal Crossing cater to every demographic, but it is just an overall legendary series.

Should b in the top 10

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20 The Walking Dead the Game
21 Crysis 3

Why is it so low? It's one of the best games. My friend skips school just to play it. - EVOLtheLOVE

I love this game :3

Best game after battlefield

I have the figure

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22 BEYOND: Two Souls

This game should be in the top ten due to the fact it has one of the best video game storylines I've ever seen.

Best video game story of the year.

This Is definitely game of the year, it has an amazing concentrated fully emotion drived story that leans much more to be a movie...and ELLEN PAGE God She is gorgeous

A riveting drama with heartbreaking acting. This game was amazing.

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23 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

I have been hooked on this game for a while and always enjoy hanging out at my friends to play this game. Compared to other RTS games it was a lot easier to understand than others and a lot more addicting than rage inducing Call of Duty and the amazing Walking Dead game ( I can't wait for season two to come out and the original was the first game I actually cried over). I can't wait to get my own PC and paly this forever!

This game is great. Mainly because of the great solo-campaign, where every mission is different. You even have Diablo-like bossfights as Kerrigan tries to regain control over the Swarm. The game is very replayable. If you completed the campaign you can test your mettle with the Challenges, matches vs AI, and versus human opponents. It's a great expansion to Wings of Liberty and I'm surprised it doesn't have a higher standing. AC4, GTA5, Watch Dogs etc. Aren't even released yet!

Best game ever? Are you kidding me those games on top can't be played after about 24 hours of gameplay but sc2 new gameplays are possible in every single game. Starcraft 2 really is the best RTS game around and I would even go far and say that it is the greatest game in 2013

This game is just not good.. Please try playing actual games instead before you say this is the best game ever... The best game ever should appeal to everyone!

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24 NBA 2K14

Why is this game so low in position. IT is better than NBA live 14. It has better graphics more realistic in gameplay. This game should be in the top ten, or at least top 20 to be honest. This game has better blocks, clutch factors, my player, mycareer, creating a legend, dunks and layups, and signature skills.

Nba live is on here and nba 2k14 should be too. ITs always been a very reliable way to pass time and have fun.

IT IS THE BEST NBA GAME EVER! Its so good this should be number one game with TRANSFORMERS 2 and3 these games are best games on EARTH

Best game ever

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25 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego + marvel... Need I say more?

This is going to be a great game

Going to be best game ever I mean lego games are awesome and so are marvel put the two to gather and it what does it answer BEST GAME EVER!

It's a pretty good game but it can't compete with gta5, Minecraft and Call of Duty

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26 Madden NFL 25

Just Go With it, its Madden

This game looks great

My dad and I LOVE this game! Probably the best Madden game of all time.

The best game out there - markusl

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27 Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Lego batman is the best Lego game I've played

Love this game team cat woman

Boom! Bam! Thak! You got yourself the greatest lego game ever made! - t-man

I can't wait to buy Lego Batman 3!

28 FI 2013

The best game of 2013!

This Game is going to rock because their are 2 Mexicans this year :)
Saludos desde Mexico - RedBullShat

It will be great!

I like it so god how about you letche

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29 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
30 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Ah, the classic Ocarina of time, I remember spending many hours of my childhood playing this game, finally a game that deserves a remake with HD graphics, the new, upgraded textures was a nice touch to the game, however, I just prefer the look of the old ocarina of time graphics on the Nintendo 64, however, for the younger generation, which may not have a nintendo 64 or hasn't experienced the classic retro look of Ocarina of time, this is a good beginning. The control scheme was well thought out, allowing you to always be able to select your ocarina, and have three items equipped, for me, this was a fantastic game, I know from experience because I own both the original and 3DS remake, and have played them through at least 6 times each, they are just that good. It's sad that it's this low, honestly, it should be closer to the top 10 if you ask me

This game introduced a lot of kids to ocarina of time - MinunLink7

A classic game which immerses you in the fantastic world of Zelda. Truly amazing

How is the "best game of all times's," remakw only at 33?

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31 Forza Motorsport 5

Love this game best racing game apart from forza horizon it has a large selection of cars for you to enjoy and has great gameplay. The graphics are great which gives it a more realistic feeling

Looking forward playing this. There were some things I didn't like about Horizon (not enough cars) but a good game nevertheless. I really enjoyed 3 &4 - Danielsun182

How can a forza game not be good? - nexusw427

BEST - Absol

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32 Metro Last Light

Metro the last light is the best FPS this year and one of the best games this year atmosphere is great weapons and shooting are also excellent but the game is the best because of great story and nuclear war post apocaliptic theme and mutants and enemies are looking great

The feel, atmosphere, chills in Metro 2033 was enough to convince me to vote this game as the one of the best of 2013.

I have read the book and knew that I had to get this game. The atmosphere and story make this a very interesting and exciting game.

Amazing athmosphere and story, can´┐Ż't wait to play the next entry in the series! without a doubt my favorite game!

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33 God of War: Ascension

I love god of war and I. A girl!

God of war is a great game to play.

God of war Ascension combines sheer fun and a fluid fighting mechanics with a deep story line providing a creative narrative that let's you release your inner beast whilst feeling remorse for the victims that lay victim to your incredible rage. Dis Game be Raw!

Its a tharumaru game.

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34 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Another good fighting game from the Ultimate Ninja series. - winner333

This is the far best entry in the series (graphically and sportively), it improves the aesthetics and the controls are smoother, some of you are crazy for choosing "watching dogs" instead of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. After all that's why it became famous: for being ' awesome!

I don't hate this game or anything. But I started cracking up when I saw it was in the top 10.

Love this game! It's awesome

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35 The Elder Scrolls Online

Like Skyrim, with multiplayer on, who wouldn't want it?

Skyrim is amazing! I don't know how this isn't at least in the top 5, It is such a diverse game, and what's more is it feels close to real as you battle dragons in vivid and incredible landscapes. Awesome music, incredible graphics, amazing world, it's the closest thing we have to a real life adventure in a fantasy world. They should make a simulation of skyrim, it would be epic

Come on this game looks amazing!

Wish they just made a new game.. I don't really want to play Skyrim Online.. I want to play Elder Scrolls 6.. the difference between Oblivion and Skyrim was HUGE and amazing... just doesn't hold up for me

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36 Mario Kart 8
37 Fire Emblem: Awakening

Okay, so the Fire Emblem franchise isn't exactly the most well known, but this game is a great place to start and has been the very reason that many people bought a 3DS this year! Awakening keeps the classic turn-based RPG formula like the previous Fire Emblem games while incorporating new things of its own such as the "Pair Up" fighting system. Also, Awakening brings back several features from specific Fire Emblem games (ex: interactive world map from Sacred Stones, Custom Avatar from New Mystery of the Emblem, Marriage and second generation system from Genealogy of the Holy War etc. ). The gameplay in itself has been described as amazing and has received consistently good ratings from gaming review sites and magazines. Awakening has tons of DLC content, too, so there's so much more to do even after you beat the main storyline. You won't be disappointed!

Being one of the few games on this list actually RELEASED so far this year, this game needs to have more consideration. The characters are all unique, and you grow to care about their relationships - which will be different from person to person - and you will find yourself crying at certain points of the story, whether it's THAT ONE cut scene from Chapter Nine, the reveal of Lucina at the end of Chapter Thirteen, or the confrontation between Lucina and the Player Character (Who may even be her mother or husband, depending on how you played the game), something will stir an emotion. Also, the series trademark punishingly high difficulty on higher levels grant it an insane amount of replay value. - gone2groundEX

Come on this is a good fun planning game

The characters are fun and you get attached to them by the end. Every single one of them.

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38 Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons

Touching story, beautiful graphics, amazing chemistry. Enough said.

39 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

You can't go wrong with this series! Bowsers Inside Story was the best but this is a close second.

My favorite mario game yet!

I haven't played this game yet so I may just be eating my words, but the concept it just seems so stupid. Nintendo is running out of ideas. - KirbyCopter109

Do you like this game due to Princess Peach getting kidnapped?! We don't! In fact, she was supposed to be replaced by Princess Daisy & Pauline (a much better damsel in distress) & even Rosalina rather than just act kind & grateful when really, she's abusive (by forcing anyone to go to the Mushroom Kingdom instead of Sarasa Land) & fussy as well as a lot worse than Chris Thorndyke.

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40 Super Smash Bros

This game is epic! And it has no blood so little kids can have a little fighting enjoyment!

This was made way before 2013. Why is this on the list?

BEST. GAME. EVER. Needs more blood though

like ikr

41 Pokemon X and Y

You may complain how high this is on the list though this is the biggest step in Pokemon since the 2nd gen. And the first ever 3D Pokemon, is amazing! It really lifts the bar for the next pokenon game and the next top ten.

Worst place yet it should be in the top 5.

First Pokemon game in fully 3D graphics! (Waiting for Pokemon Z)

I only played it this year (2016) But it was amazing! Almost as good as Fire Red and Leaf Green! :D

42 Sonic Lost World

Incredibly underrated... IGN gave it a 5.8 because it wasn't fast enough, even though you CAN go pretty dang fast with the spin dash, and Gamespot gave it a 5 because they sucked at it. Not joking, watch their review. They PURPOSEFULLY die every 5 seconds.

WHY IS THIS ONLY IN THE TOP 50?! This should be in at least the top 10!

What, no love for the hedgehog?

Best game of 2013 -

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43 NBA Live 14
44 Dead Rising 3

At least the top 10 games

45 Gears of War: Judgment

Come on! You're telling me Judgement is number 40?! True, it isn't as good as say, the Last of Us, or Injustice, but it has a lot more features that improve heavily on the Gears of War formula. Plus, they managed to create a good sequel without screwing it up or putting Fenix in it.

This completely sucks because we all know that this was better than any blacktops game anyone has played

Why so low this better than FIFA and all that football crap and id say better than injustice but no hateing except for FIFA I want people to know its crap FIFA can die but now that's off topic vote up for this

Very good game, you just don't get bored with the variaty and diversity in every game. You should pick it up if you can

Only, on Xbox 360

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46 MLB 2K14
47 WWE 2K14

It gonna be awesome

30 years of wrestlemania is gonna be awesome

Wwe is cooler than everything

Its awesome but I am waiting for 2k16

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48 Pokemon Y

Seriously, Pokemon x is on the list so why not Pokemon y?

Pokemon is the basic unit of everything. Science is even built upon it.

Pokemon y will be better than pokemon X. The legendary is much cooler

Best poke Mon game ever

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49 The Wolf Among Us

What's wrong with this. I think it's a great game that put the characters we know into a whole different light. Also who doesn't want to be the Big Bad Wolf

50 Five Nights at Freddy's

Die the first thing I did is die

It Did Not Come Out In 2013, It Came Out In 2014 - masoncarr2244


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