Battlefield 4


I have been a battlefield fan ever since the release of Battlefield 3. I have spent countless hours on the game after I got it (just hit 200 a few weeks ago) and have not regretted a single minute of it. I played the beta for Battlefield 4 and if that was just the beta, I am so anxious for the full game's release because of how great it was even in its early stages! Battlefield 4 will be the best, hands down.

Dice is one of the best Game Designers I have ever seen creating engines such as the frostbite ones. I have seen Battlefield evolve from it's 1942 stage where it looked really good for its time but now it has an amazing engine along with beautiful graphics.

One of the best FPS games ever. Enormous maps, vehicles, 64-players servers and of course epic destruction.

This has to be the best game ever I mean yeah it is battlefield dude all of destructible environment and stuff it is just awesome. And graphics are breathtaking :0 This has to be at no. 1!

No 10, bull. Battle field has always been better than Call of Duty. People only like Call of Duty for the fast paced game, but if you're good enough, Battlefield is fast enough!

How come this isn't even 2nd? Is this what the world's coming to? Battlefield being lower then Call of Duty? Best game of 2013 and one, if not the, of the best games ever. -

How is this the 10th? This should be in the top 5 at least...I'm also a Call of Duty fan but this left Call of Duty biting the dust..BRACE YOURSELVES!

Best game ever. Got premium and it is amazing. The picture quality is great. But they did mess the jets and helicopters up a little.

Why is this ten? It's far better than ghosts, even though I like Call of Duty as well, but this is still a pretty bad game.

No other FPS could come close to this real life like Battlefield 4.

Ultra Great Graphics and destructible environment. Nothing's better than that.

Better than call of duty. This game has that feeling that can't be explained. Just an awesome feeling!

Excellent graphic. Great multiplayer and epic explosion everywhere

Battlefield four is easily better than Ghosts... Infinity ward really messed up with that game. It still delivers a great campaign and multiplayer but the game just dosnt feel like a Call of Duty, on the other hand battlefield delivered in my opinion one of the better campaigns of the franchise bf3 is my favorite still. Ending could have been better for bf4 but I still enjoyed it! And the main part and the best part... the multiplayer... It is so realistic I can't even explain it. great game and deserves more recognition!

Battlefield 4. A lot has been going for it. (Well maybe not for current gen consoles) However, with the new Frostbite 3 engine and the power of the next generation consoles, this game can and might be the best game so far. (In the FPS genre obviously)

How is this not higher, it is a great online play! You can play commander on it from your ipad

Fantastic game just loved the graphics - MaximusAlpha

Although this game is glitchy, it does make up for it in epic multiplayer and campaign

E3 presentation looked awesome, really looking forward to this on the PS4!

This is way much better than Call of Duty ghost

How is this getting beaten by Ghosts? This game was amazing

I bought Battlefield 3 and I loved it. Why not Battlefield 4?

Most destructible and action game I have ever seen

If this is a game what are others? This is awesome!

It was amazing! Should be higher than Ghosts!