Call of Duty: Ghosts


The Call of Duty franchise has always been well known to deliver, and I'm sure that this title is no exception. The series has known to set the bar for the FPS genre across the board on many accords and took the industry to a whole new level, raising the setting the standards for what we know as an "online shooter" and in numerous other aspects also, including, but not limited to graphics, customization, online features. Judging from what glimpses we've had at the game already, this game shall be no exception to the task of being able to please fans and new gamers to the series alike.

IT is one of the best Games that ever capture all ages, genders, races and qualities of life. It brings amazing entertainment to the table and will make you love the way FPS games are coming. Although it could have very hard competitors I think it will stand out to be one of the best FPS, games ever created for mankind to enjoy. It might even be pushed down as the others rise to power but it will stand to be one of the best ever created in the eyes of many fans.

What the!?! This just shows how overrated Call of Duty is. The game has not even came out and it's number 8. This crap makes Nintendo as a whole seem underrated. That is an overreaction but you know what I mean.

The Call of duty fanboy cycle

1. Get hyped about the new game like everyone else
2. Say that your not going to buy it
3. Buy it like everyone else
4. Play it 24/7
5. Hate the game like everyone else
6. Get hyped about the new game like everyone else

The same thing happens every year peple don't buy this. It's a waste of $60.

Ok first NO one should judge call of duty as copys cause they aren't and you guys aren't even playing it or you play it for like 10 min and after you die like 5 times in a row your immeditally like F this I'm done and then call it a repeat of the last Call of Duty. But really just try this game and give it a try its not mw3 or black ops 2 its Call of Duty ghosts a new franchise!

How is this 12? Call of Duty Ghost Will Be A New Franchise and it will have a new engine in the Next-Gen Console I don't see no difference between Halo 3 or 4 I say the biggest competition between Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Either Black Flag Or Battlefield 4

Call of Duty is great.. but too many people play it and it really takes other great games away from what greatness they could become. Try other games before you say this is the best of the year.

I LOVE THIS GAME I wish it was higher because the gameplay is fun the guns are kind of balanced in this game and the story of the campaign is pretty good I don't know why it is so low but it should be at least #4 or #5

Great story line and also graphics
Call Of Duty is one of the best games ever created
Really underrated position:Call of duty Ghost has way more better storyline than MW3

All Call of Duty parts are outstanding...Graphics, Game play, stories are mind blowing...Now I am waiting for, CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 4... - Sahebrockzzz

I am from Call of Duty fans but this one really different they man a real change this time and I can see future for Call of Duty again

Call of duty ghosts 7th no way going to be top selling game 2013 when comes out and most played gonna be so good can't wait to get the game

Has anyone noticed that you get an armored german shepard, or was the trailer lying? - RyanTheSamurai13

It is going to be a very good game. The graphics on the PS4 will be just tucking amazing, plus there is a new story and you get a pet dog that you can command.

Come on! Call of Duty Ghost should be at the top. This game a bestseller and has way better graphics than Grand Theft Auto 5!

The best FPS game of all time, Call of Duty. Medal of Honor, Battlefield Call of Duty is always the best story of all.

This was the worst Call of Duty guys

It's new, it follows a different story line to the others and I can't wait for it! Honestly, why is it at number 11? - Derp

Everyone loves to hate Call of Duty, If so, then how come it gets game of the year since 2007? Most people who complain about haven't played it. I tip my hat to IW and Activision, for at least trying to make an awesome game this year. Campaign looks awesome, can't wait for multiplayer, overall looks great. There's lots of great releases I'm getting this year, Grand Theft Auto 5, Assassins' Creed 4, battlefield 4; and of course Call of Duty: Ghosts!

After This. Most Games Got Bad. Infinite Warfare Was Atrocious And WWII Looks Uninteresting And Generic. This Is Alright. 6/10 - AlphaQ

What is this doing here? It's the worst game ever

Best video game in my opinion. just the start where the Ghosts symbol comes up is magnificent.

Your kidding... Possibly going to be one of the best first person shooters ever. It will be amazing on the Xbox one.

Being the incredible series Call of Duty is, people will buy the game in the millions.

I am excited for this game, yes its Call of Duty so its low. At least its not beyond overrated like Minecraft