The Last of Us


Naughty Dog are great devs! I'm sure this game will be great just like everything else they've made!

The Last of Us is stunning. The graphics are absolutely amazing, videos on youtube can't get that across. It's storyline is real and heart-wrenching. The entire game is intense and frightening due to the stellar stealth and combat systems and horrifying enemies (especially the Clickers), and the Voice-acting is pure perfection.
Games like Minecraft and Call of Duty are FAR to over-rated and get boring after a while. During the Last of Us I was never ready to face the fact that I had to let go of my controller at one point, and even after the story was over I could play the multiplayer which I'm STILL having fun with.
To be fair, I do have high hopes for games like Grand Theft Auto V and Black Flag, and Tomb Raider was also an AMAZING game, but I don't think any of them will be as good as The Last of Us.
If you have a PS3/PS4, BUY THIS GAME! - dylanowen

While Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic game, The Last of Us gets my vote. This is because of the extremely immersive and detailed story that is entirely climactic and important throughout the whole game. Not once is there a drop in meaning to the game. The top game on this list (at the time of writing this comment) is GTAV. I feel that while Grand Theft Auto is a great *game*, it has a lot of monotonous missions and directions, whereas The Last of Us is always a forward-moving path, with no backtracking and always a progression of story, character development, and inter-character relation development.

How is Grand Theft Auto 5 higher than this? I do admit, GTA5 has great gameplay, but the Last of Us has even better gameplay. And most of GTA5's story is horrible. The Last of Us has an awesome story. And The Last of Us is the most realistic game I've ever played. I mean, the graphics are amazing! GTA5's graphics are good, but not as good as The Last of Us. I do admit, GTA5 gives you more freedom. That's the only thing that it has that is better than the Last of Us. The Last of Us is the 4th best game I've ever played, and it's the best game I've played all year! - Alpha101

What's left unsaid in this game is just as important as the lines that are spoken. Naughty Dog frequently lets its haunting vision of a deserted countryside speak for itself, effectively and gorgeously conveying the loneliness that comes with living on after the end of the world.

The Last of Us is a deeply felt, shockingly violent game that questions what we're willing to sacrifice and, more disturbingly, what we're willing to do to save the ones we love. The conclusion offers no easy answers. You won't forget it.

This should really be a lot higher in the list, the only reason it isn't is because it is a PS3 exclusive, and I do feel sorry for the people that are going to miss out on this brilliant game

Unreal game, emotionally, graphically, the voice acting, and the story-line. Among those things lets talk bare bones. The combat is visceral and sometimes even hard to watch. Its so violent and rewarding and yet sometimes if you listen to these NPC's (Non-player characters) speak. Its as if they're real people just trying to survive just like you. That similarity is also their fatal flaw in the fact that you are willing and capable to kill to survive... As are they. This game makes violence feel more like a necessity then a pleasure. This game was a privileged for me to play and now with a new T.V. I can't wait to play it again.

Just because it's only for one platform doesn't take away the fact that the story and gameplay is absolutely breath-taking.

It tells such a fluid and heart-felt story throughout the game that not only keeps you feeling like a part of the story itself, but also keeps you questioning and wondering what you would have done in the situations presented.

All in all, a wonderful piece of work that should be recognized as the best game to date.

An emotional benchmark for future games, a prime example of a world in an apocalypse revolved around tragedy and loss. I dare say that I've cried in this game, been shocked constantly with pure amazement, and to say the least, beautiful graphics and not to mention the 10/10 scores coming from the top reviewers. A trailer at E3 showed great promise and that promise was executed brilliantly with an amazing ending. Worth the full $100 on the first day of release.

When one plays "The Last of Us" it becomes more than just a game, this is one of the few games that you can actually sit and be connected with characters on a far more personal level. Levels are intense, cinematic are unpredictable and exemplify the beauty and the deep truth in TLoU, hands down this has solidified its name as one of the best games of this generation. Honestly this game should be #1 or 2 on this list, but I think it isn't due to the fact that it's a ps3 exclusive, but besides that, awesome game, awesome story, and as IGN describes it "A Masterpiece". I believe this paves the way in the future of gaming entertainment, let's be honest, when was the last time you teared up on a video game? Anyway this better get Game of the year.

Even when I'm desperately waiting for Grand Theft Auto V, this is the best game I've EVER played. The story is just amazing, better than many, many movies you have seen. Everything from the graphics to the excellent music composed by my fellow countryman Gustavo Santaolalla, everything is just perfect. Joel and Ellie are two of the most deep and well-written characters in the history of video games, and all of the secondary characters are so well-thought too. I don't think there will be another game like this in YEARS.

This games has it all, great story, beyond beautiful graphics, best in the generation in my opinion character development was perfect, gameplay was very fun. The ending was a little weak but if you play and listen to every thing through out the game you'll will understand it, because ellie knows joel was lying to her but she went with it, overall to me 10/10 hands down

Not since the days of Final Fantasy VII have I been this emotionally invested in the characters of a video game. The writing, pacing, voice acting, visuals and gameplay easily outpace any other game released this year (or even of this console generation). I admit Infinite had the better story, but Last of Us had Joel and Ellie. Also, the multiplayer is more than functional: It's fun!

It was a really hard choice between this and Grand Theft Auto V; both being two of the best games I've ever played but this games amazing story (the best I've ever experienced within a game) and characters won me over. And it doesn't really come as much as a surprise coming from the creators of my favourite game series of all time, Uncharted. Didn't like the multiplayer though.

This game has jaw-dropping graphics and an impressive storyline. When you play you have freedom to take cover anywhere you can crouch and discover rooms to let you craft all kinds of gear that are important in this game. It's really nice the way they showed how nature has taken back the world in force. It's just inspiring. Thumbs up if you agree.

A story that really gets you from the beginning.
Awesome gameplay, excellent graphics, great characters, a real survival game. The last time I played a game this difficult, was when I played "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill" (the first game of both, of course).
It's a "MUST PLAY" game. It doesn't matter if it is an exclusive on not, it's an excellent game.

Amazing game, you guys shouldn't be voting for games that haven't even come out!, this game has the best story, amazing graphics, and at times is the scariest game I've ever played, the only game that can contest this game this year so far is bioshock, the only other game of all time that can match the greatness of the story is the walking dead

First off: why is Grand Theft Auto V at top? It's not even out yet!? I just don't get some people.

The Last of Us is amazing, it's a shame it's only for PS3, but I'll go as far as saying it's worth bying a PS3 just for this game. The story and characters easily drag you into the game, making you worry like them. That is something mostly lacking in games. When it comes to gameplay, it sadly almost fades a little bit, because of the story overpowering it. Nevertheless, it is great gameplay, and you never feel outside of the game. Online, is suprisingly cool, it's got a fairly interesting concept and you easily get addiced. It's good because of it's new turn, yet it's not something entirely new.

Summing it up: The Last of Us is a incredible game. The only things I can find that's not so good about it is: only for PS3 and it's lack of replay-ability. You can play it again, but you're surely to remember everything about it. For me it's like that at least.

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Never has a game made me feel so attached to the characters. The absolute beauty, great gameplay, and sound are one category, but the immersion and the emotion this game has brings it into a whole new category. This was the only game to make me cry, and I think that will leave a permanent impact on me.

Best game ever... Its a revolutionary game like no other the last of us is obviously the best game of the 2013 generation. It comes with amazing graphics and a brutal multiplayer. This game should definitely be number 1 and not only here in the whole world! The Last of Us leaves a mark, in the next video game generation.

This is a very sad story put together well this would be a very good thriller if not, the greatest game ever played, there is a reason why it has 5 STARS FOR A RATING!
The last of us is a very sad game, and a great game. So much is told about the fireflies, about the main character, about the 2nd main character and it was just, well awesome.

This game is by far better then any of those listed above! This game is the bet game EVER made for the PS3 and was a fitting swan song for the PS3 sending it out on a high note, I only hope Naughty Dog follows this game up with another one. Same goes for Uncharted series which I really enjoyed playing also.

Grand Theft Auto sucked, Call of Duty sucked, Battlefield sucked, Minecraft sucked, Batman sucked. The Last of Us is the only game on this list that deserves to be on top besides Tomb Raider. The only amazing game to have amazing gameplay, amazing graphics, and an amazing story. This game should definitely be number 1

This beats Grand Theft Auto V by a lot! This is an amazing game! The graphics are awesome! And after playing it for awhile you are engaged in the story! Emotional and definitely gripping story and awesome game! This is my favorite game, Naughty Dog has once again made a great video game! Extraordinary game!

This game is amazing. It is the first and only game where I finished and was just amazed. I wish that I could wipe my memory clean and play this game again and experience everything for the first time again. On top of a great story it surprisingly has an amazing multiplayer as well. - bigd_caden