Minecraft. That game, these blocks. That man, who made it all! He's A GENIUS! He has created that idea of unlimited landscapes of forests, mountains, deserts, and added mobs and animals, and bringing people to help him do that work... To make a world that everyone would choose instead of reality. "Imagination is more important than knowledge". Einstein's proof of Minecraft's existence.

Yeah, um, NO. Minecraft is NOT number 12. Uh-uh. Number 1. 1. 111111111. This list totally lies. Seriously? Whoever made this list is obviously completely insane and needs to GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT. Minecraft is by far the best video game I have ever played, and believe me, I've played a LOT of video games. A LOT. So to everyone out there who's reading this, this list is completely wrong. So wrong. Seriously? Number 12? THIS IS NUMBER 1! Jeez, whoever ranked this number 12 is completely out of their mind.

I think minecraft teaches young kids things they don't know already like that smelting sand would give you glass. Also you don't need to be knowledgeable about guns or stuff like that to be able to understand the game its very simple. Last you can almost do anything in minecraft and you almost never get bored of it. Minecraft also may teach people more things about electric wiring redstone is basically electric wires in minecraft. I encourage everyone to play Minecraft.

I hoped Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition) would've won 1st place. First of all it has the qualities of a great game. Minecraft also has the ability letting you do anything. Your Imagination literally is anything in this game. I would've picked this as number 1. Thanks 4J Studios for creating this game

This is my favorite game in the whole world. The possibilities of what you can do are endless. You can build, farm, and kill, or just run around placing random torches. Even if you don't like the normal Minecraft, you can install mods or join a server to help enhance the experience.

By far the best game of 2013. You think Grand Theft Auto is a large sandbox game? Minecraft easily has far more options on what you can do, how you can do it, and where you can go. Honestly, the fact that this game isn't in the Top 10 and games that haven't even been released yet are is inane.

Are you kidding? Minecraft ranks this low? Minecraft is the most creative and inventive game I've ever played, as it not only allows you to create a world that you want, it also grants you a thrilling adventure. Trust me when I say that Minecraft is truly the best game of 2013.

Probably better than any other game because you can just play, and play and even when you get bored you can just start a new world! You can choose between creative if you like to build BIG buildings! Or you can choose survival if you're violent and like a challenge! - flipperdoo2003

This game is set apart from any other game I have ever played, here is why.
It can be any game you want it to be, for instance FPS grab a sword, a bow, and some arrows and fight! A building game, a survival horror game. I mean in any other game can you completely customize your house, name practically every item, build anything you can imagine, not to mention multiplayer. So if you have a computer or Xbox and 20$ go buy it NOW!

Minecraft is your own PC utopia in which you can do everything with your self, friends or your fellow creepers. Its a life of adventure that you never forget with its own little charm, uniqueness and cubes that make it the game to be remembered for a lifetime.

Graphics do affect a game. After all, why does other pay so much money for its graphics? Texture packs do not help, they just make it look different, you definitely can still see pixels, ikr some packs has no pixels, but it's still blocky and they look the same. Minecraft was made in 2009, but it looks more like it came from 1987. Although Other games also have lag, Minecraft is INFAMOUS for it. About every big tnt explosion has lag, yeah for a while you can see a "x ray" of caves. Having lag in Minecraft doesn't mean your computer is lousy, its because the company did not pay money for the game.

The company doesn't have to do much since the Minecraft community keeps ripping off games by mods and creating texture packs, adventure maps and servers where people gets kicked out altogether. Whoever plays Minecraft has no taste in games, no taste in action, and will never take a slight notice of the horrible truth.

Ps, I play Minecraft pe and pc last time.

Minecraft: there is no words to describe it I understand the need for some people to be able to shoot guns, but I have yet to meet a person who after playing minecraft can honestly say they did not enjoy it, and for this reason I feel minecraft is the best game of 2013.

Minecraft is, in 1 word, holy. It is awesome on all platforms. There is so many things to do in there, and excuse me, but the most viewed gaming video on Youtube is about Minecraft. Notch and Jeb are gods. This is the 1 game that I could play 24/7 and never get bored. Ever. Number 7? Pah! BRING MINECRAFT TO NO1 IN PLACE OF CRAP LIKE GRAND THEFT AUTO!

I just love this, it rocks and I thinks is better then Call of Duty and is fun, some people say the graphics stink, well texture (Resource) packs or just deal with it. I can't tell you how much I love this game.

It has everything, from killing zombies to planting gardens. You can express your personality and imagination on all levels while being able to blow off some steam by stabbing monsters. I give it 2 thumbs up. Best game ever

Minecraft is a great game that is easy to play and offers a wealth of freedom for the player! It can be played by anyone no matter if their preference is survival/battling monsters or building spectacular buildings

If this game was just survival, positively no one would download it. It's the creativity factor, and the ability to share that with your friends. It's not the creators who made this game popular, it's the people who play it.

Minecraft is blocky, AND wonderful. I have loved it A LOT. I even have a poster of it. When I go on Minecraft I always go on creative mode in a flat world. I'm just not ready to go on a survival game, BUT IT'S STILL wonderful

Awesome game I love it. Best game ever everyone loves it. Best game in the universe. The game modes are survival and creative. My favorite is creative. Why is it number 7 it should be number 1. Best game in the world.

You can do anything you want in this game, and I do mean anything, with endless mods and servers and mini games, this Is one game to rule them all! Skyrim? Halo? Even Grand Theft Auto mods exist for this great game!

People who play Minecraft think killing a creeper is so challenging and they play for like 6 hours building crap they are going to delete in a week this game shouldn't even be on the list Minecraft SUCKS

Minecraft is amazing! It really brings out your true survival skills! Minecraft has drawn millions of gamers online including myself! Minecraft... The best game ever!

It's not number one because it came out in 2011/2009 you idiots. And it's definitely not 16-bit. If it came out in 2012 it should have easily been number one.

Minecraft is the best game yet because of all the stuff to do you can do all or do none you can make awesome destrction or boring trying to catch a fish all day the choice is yours and also now I think that the best thing on it is rather finding diamonds or the new end game battle of beating the ender dragon

It has everything you can get mods on pc and you can make a home powered mining machine and there are cool mobs like ender men and zombies and skeletons plus creepers and also there are worlds like the nether and the end it is cool vote for it it should be at the top