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41 Mario Kart 8
42 Just Dance 2014

Why isn't this game #1? It is the best game ever! I LOVE Just Dance!

This is the best video game in the world it lets you loose weight because its exersize and has the best songs id give it a 100,000 - camilafungirl

43 Dead Island: Riptide

Love this game! Who doesn't like bashing zombie's heads in. Come on guys this this game should be at least top 15! - Captain_Awesome

Bizarre weapons like a flaming axe and pretty cool effects and loads of quests to do so lots of game play

Great game the enviornment is beautiful and makes me wonder what Hanoi was like before the "outbreak" and crazy as hell weapons I have never imagined of. Love this series

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44 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Love this game series so so much! The transformation from secret covert ops spy to a turned on the run lone wolf is epic! Really looking forward to this game!

Come on people who doesn't get a thrill creeping in the shadows and taking out the bad guy at close quarter's

Best stealth game of 2013. Should be top 10. It's a combination of the useless combat in Conviction, with all the awesome storylines found before the, C, and E. Should be in the top 10.

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45 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
46 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

You can't go wrong with this series! Bowsers Inside Story was the best but this is a close second.

I haven't played this game yet so I may just be eating my words, but the concept it just seems so stupid. Nintendo is running out of ideas. - KirbyCopter109

Why is this game so low? In my opinion, this is the best game in the series. It also deserves higher then 63.

My favorite mario game yet!

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47 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
48 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

I have been hooked on this game for a while and always enjoy hanging out at my friends to play this game. Compared to other RTS games it was a lot easier to understand than others and a lot more addicting than rage inducing Call of Duty and the amazing Walking Dead game ( I can't wait for season two to come out and the original was the first game I actually cried over). I can't wait to get my own PC and paly this forever!

This game is great. Mainly because of the great solo-campaign, where every mission is different. You even have Diablo-like bossfights as Kerrigan tries to regain control over the Swarm. The game is very replayable. If you completed the campaign you can test your mettle with the Challenges, matches vs AI, and versus human opponents. It's a great expansion to Wings of Liberty and I'm surprised it doesn't have a higher standing. AC4, GTA5, Watch Dogs etc. Aren't even released yet!

Best game ever? Are you kidding me those games on top can't be played after about 24 hours of gameplay but sc2 new gameplays are possible in every single game. Starcraft 2 really is the best RTS game around and I would even go far and say that it is the greatest game in 2013

This game is just not good.. Please try playing actual games instead before you say this is the best game ever... The best game ever should appeal to everyone!

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49 Sonic Lost World

Incredibly underrated... IGN gave it a 5.8 because it wasn't fast enough, even though you CAN go pretty dang fast with the spin dash, and Gamespot gave it a 5 because they sucked at it. Not joking, watch their review. They PURPOSEFULLY die every 5 seconds.

WHY IS THIS ONLY IN THE TOP 50?! This should be in at least the top 10!

Sonic games are better than mario's games

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50 MLB 2K14
51 Pokemon X and Y

You may complain how high this is on the list though this is the biggest step in Pokemon since the 2nd gen. And the first ever 3D Pokemon, is amazing! It really lifts the bar for the next pokenon game and the next top ten.

Worst place yet it should be in the top 5.

I only played it this year (2016) But it was amazing! Almost as good as Fire Red and Leaf Green! :D

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52 Remember Me

This game is amazing! I don't know y you guys don't vote for the good games

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53 Total War: Rome II

I am I good fan of strategy games and well the gameplay is a amazing in total war games. Its not one of your average strategy games its not only you just spamming buildings on the battle field you have to manage the economy of ancient kingdoms and if you don't like its base game you can always download mods for a completely different experience so I like the concept of the game all of you real time strategy games should vote for this game to at least go to the top 10 - adrian00sdfsdf

It will be the best strategic game ever. You'll need a good computer for this game, I think, but it will be worth it if you saw the trailer and played Rome : Total War.

Total War is almost a cult classic nowadays. It's a shame that strategy is being left behind in the last few years. Sure, FPS has it's place, but that doesn't mean it has to form 75% of the industry.

My pc probs can't run this, but its gonna be the most epic game ever! :D

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54 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I bet this is gonna be amazing! Raiden with his sword looks awesome and the gameplay in the trailer looks awesome too. I wonder if its gonna be as good as the other games in the series... A bit doubtful because Platinum Games are gonna develop this one ( but Kojima will handle the cut scenes and the main storyline). - winner333

What is this game doing down here?

We always wanted a cyber hack & slash game with Metal Gear Solid elements... this game is absolutely epic... the story flows nicely, the gameplay is very energetic and the hard rock soundtracks add a whole new experience to the game!

Probably one of the best hack and slash games I've ever seen! - DJZeezo

Brilliant. A duel with a giant robot using its gigantic blade as your own. Just brilliant.

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55 inFAMOUS: Second Son

Come on people why is this so low on the list inFAMOUS is hands down the best video game series EVER

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56 BEYOND: Two Souls

This game should be in the top ten due to the fact it has one of the best video game storylines I've ever seen.

This Is definitely game of the year, it has an amazing concentrated fully emotion drived story that leans much more to be a movie...and ELLEN PAGE God She is gorgeous

A riveting drama with heartbreaking acting. This game was amazing.

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57 Super Smash Bros

This game is epic! And it has no blood so little kids can have a little fighting enjoyment!

BEST. GAME. EVER. Needs more blood though

like ikr

58 NBA Live 14
59 NHL 14

Come on this is no doubt the best game on here the graphics are insane the hitting is amazing and the overall experience is incredible

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60 The Sims 3

Yay but why is sims so far back? And where is uncharted?!

One of the best games. Helps you prepare for real life.

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