Tomb Raider


"Tomb Raider", is a reboot of a 17 year old franchise. Very few franchises last 17 years, and even fewer of them feature a female protagonist, a characteristic which, I believe, is vital to the evolution of the gaming industry. Additionally, the gameplay in "Tomb Raider" is amazing, while the story may not have been as complex, I believe the gameplay in "Tomb Raider" is superior to the gameplay in "The Last of Us". After over 10 years of being considered a mediocre, "Tomb Raider" is finally back on top.

For me the only game I played and finished in a very long time (almost a decade) worthing the time to play it. First saw its add in widescreens across 'Metropolitan' underground in Paris, so I quickly decided to go and buy it. Worthed every euro of its cost. Nice to see there is still a nice game for an old dog like me that works perfectly on my old adorable 7900 GTO...

Really unfair that this awesome game is in the 9th position. One of the best gaming experiences ever. A newly invented Lara, with her fears and contradictions, and an island full of life (and death) that will cut your breath out. (sorry for the bad english)

This reboot of the already legendary series completely changed third person gaming for me. Perfect controls that are so crisp and the plot is interesting. Gameplay and combat are the best of any game this year and it still keeps old values with it's tombs and puzzles.

Seriously? Call of Duty, Minecraft and FIFA get higher than this masterpiece. AC black flag isn't even out yet and when it is people will regret putting it at number 3. Tomb Raider has the best story, gameplay, characters and graphics of any game in 2013 the last time a game blew me away like this was Red Dead Redemption. Last of us is ok but come on tomb raider is 10 times better than every game that has come out this year so far.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! 10TH?!?! THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER! :D It easily matches the potential of The Last of Us & Grand Theft Auto V. It's story, gameplay, graphics & features are incredible! Regardless of this list, Tomb Raider is the best of 2013 in my opinion - SquishyPancake

FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and Batman are repetitive whilst this brings something new to the franchise and the genre itself. I mean come on Call of Duty ghost is like the worst Call of Duty and FIFA 14 is no different to FIFA 13 etc

It's graphics are scary amazing! My dad walked in on my playing and said, "New show? " I then explained that it was a video game and his jaw dropped. I think the storyline is absolutely amazing. Just make it number one already!

This game took elements from uncharted which took some elements from it's previous games. Funny story that was. This game should show some appreciation, I mean Lara Croft, come on guys! Get your game on! More Votes4this!

For me this was not only the best game of 2013 but the best game of the while centery. Guys.. Play this game. I cried at the end. It was so Epic, the soundtrack, the graphics, the characters, the story... Everything. It was one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen and definitely my favorite one of all. For me this game is a legend. It will never fade.

Best game I have ever played for a long time... Excellent graphics, thrilling combat, exciting story and a lot more you can expect from a video game... Far better than bioshock infinite... Should be number 1 on the list

I absolutely love this game! I've recently been telling everyone looking for anew game to buy this. It truly deserves to be on the top 10

Alright this not my favourite video game of 2013 but I can tell you one thing, it's definitely better than the two games that haven't even come out yet. How the hell would you know if their good or not. - Waser12345

This should be first because the other games have not even come out and this game is awesome and the graphics are amazing and playing the game you actually feel the suspense.

This is one of the few games where I like to sit back and watch the cut scenes. During the gameplay the game really makes you feel like lara, learning to do all these things. - toclafane212

This is the best game of this year.. Really! How can anybody vote for Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin Creed IV before releasing?

This list is full of Morons. Grand Theft Auto V? AC4? Watch Dogs? The Last of Us? Those games aren't even out yet. Tomb Raider is hands down the best game of 2013 so far. Lara is back!

Best Tomb Raider ever made. This is how you do a reboot. We got to knew a side of Lara Croft that we never knew before. Also, I personally loved the combat. That's all folks

An awesome game. The first Tomb Raider game I played and I am impressed. This game have almost everything great but I still prefer if it is in first person.

It is amazing it should be I the area around 1 or 2 it shows that not all good video games have to have a guy that is what makes this game unique its amazing

Definitely one of the best games I've ever played. What a great reboot of the game. Just amazing, I think it got to be upper in the list.

Great fun! This game has a great story, lots of action, looks more realistic than other games. Lara really kicks butt in this one.

8.5/10. Excellent game with great graphics, surprisingly fun combat and a superb story. One of the best origin stories ever made.

I cannot believe that Tomb Raider is below a game that didn't even come out this year and Call of Duty. That's despicable. I've lost all hope in gamers if people actually think that a CALL OF DUTY game is better than this! If you haven't played Tomb Raider you are missing out!

This is very nice game. Better than older versions of that. Its puzzles, the story, graphics, everything best. Love it.