Kong is fun and caring, intelligent and unique. Smart too, considering how many years it is in fine service. Kongregate has the best saga Star Trek - the rest do not even Deep Space 9. The courage in adversity has been with Kongregate from the start and it is a beautiful relation. If accounting all points and jot dots would say even Kongregate should be in a stellar first place of all flash gaming websites available. The best thing with it is how much effort did not go to waste in order to save crafts and a well of a fine time. It holds true which it does best and this is why it is the most important as the personal opinion if perhaps might even be a fact. Work done well and gaming in development it is a great subset to control and reminisce its greatness for much after as also. Good job Kongregate! - iliescu

Kong has a great attitude, lots of pals. Friends that are real which improves the environment and atmosphere of the famous aggregate Kongregate for flash gaming as a site. Even in person am not there, which improves whatever the rest of the matter is. Could be a friend without even finding this particular handle. Why? It is a smart place and always has been. Credit should be place where it is due not where it is confrontational. These ethics are practice done the entire while. Grades are fair, and can even gamer there without having a developer badge, which is good for a friend would explain. - iliescu

Kongregate is an savvy technology and good company as well, there is more features than ever seen on a web page to interactions bar none is Kongregate. This is fine with their team and the gaming is stellar. There are more than 100 games could pick out and love each and every one. The site can help fairly enough to get the best flash games of that which designs what is needed to flash games of the user choice. The rest of the sites could chose anywhere from 0 to 4 or 5 or even 10 and 11. These 10 years of Kongregate got this perfect and they deserve the recognition. Happy with it, good stuff for Kongregate. - iliescu

Kongregate has the top finest list of flash games, system, features, and groups ever bound together as a bundle as website network. Maintains good grades and has goodies that can pleasantly surprise anything. Kongregate is clean and users can post their opinions or share thoughts should they wish. At the same time there is no problem to tumble a little have some fun and return until satisfactory. It is a fair site and does not disappoint. Kongpanions new all the time, weekly events, or just have a breather. Would say this is the nicest gamer community to find for the flash gaming needs. - iliescu

Kongregate(since 2006) pertains future classic and cool feels, flash gamer site. In the industry since a while ago so where does it sit. From 2006 it is one of the most in the future web sites games that bundles without fault since. The Armor Games is since 2004. Miniclip is since 2001 and Addicting Games is since 1982. With less expertise it seems to do more in the same slot though not to counter audience. It may enjoy that 10th year anniversary. Now in the 11th and onward it is seeming just good as new. Good job Kongregate with a careful claw retains amazing features and network on this internet. - iliescu

The actual thing that attracted me to Kong are the achievements. They're nothing like the ordinary achievements. You get to level up and higher levels give you access to many benefits. What's more, you level up by playing awesome games. And the community is great and generally smarter than most communities you can find on other sites. I think I'm just gonna pay Kong another visit...

There are other sites with more and better games than Kong. I'll be the first to say that Armor Games has far better games. But Kongregate is run by professionals. The site is organized so that it es easy to find games you're looking for and it even suggests games you will like based on what you've already played. Stuff like that is what makes it the best in my opinion.

Kongregate motivates other game developers, they don't just pick games from other websites.

Kongregate has the best saga Star Trek - the rest do not even Deep Space 9. The courage in adversity has been with Kongregate from the start and it is a beautiful relation. If accounting all points and jot dots would say even Kongregate should be in a stellar first place of all flash gaming websites available. - iliescu

Having been with Kongregate for a very long time(a decade possibly to the anniversary) can say they are reliable and well versed in Flash gaming categories on the network. It is a pleasure to be a part or join Kongregate. It is really nothing short of cool and exciting each time. Should join or vote for them and even maybe casual participation maybe something might come of it as it has for the ones joining a while ago now. Nice! - iliescu

Kongregate has friendly entertainment and charm to identify with. So what is the rate? An angry gate of ten out of ten in greet to come and regain what is not lost with this social hub and mostly gamer haven.. - iliescu

Great website. It is the best gaming site I have found. It has armor games, some games of its own, and much much more. If variety is what you want, Kongregate is the website you want.

Best site ever you get a chat room they don't make you put ads all over the games you submit like miniclip they give you competitions for games because they are owned by gamestop.com there games load faster and there game categories are millions of times better than miniclip like my favourite type of game is unity 3d they have the best graphics :3

The most amazing sites you can ever find for games. You can also send messages to your friends, and you can have a wall! Its great for games, almost has all the flash games out there. Sign up for it!

I really enjoy Kongregate for playing games like Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Swords and Souls! But there IS one downside but it's kinda rare, mean people in the chat.

Most secure, organized and well managed site, I've been on pages like miniclip (wich I love) for a year, but then I found kongregate, since then I only play on kong, since it is very multiplayer, even when on a simple flash game it has numerous chat rooms, very full gamer profiles and more.

This site is great because it has a variety of games and achievements, it also doesn't lag as much as other websites.

This gaming website is the best I think, here you can play games, as well as chat and make new friends, I love this site

This site is cool I like the website a lot! And I have a question can you get an account? I like getting accounts...

Kongregate friendly help with conquer past while future ready, has done a tremendous achievement since 2006. - iliescu

Kong should be number one it allows you to chat with players while playing not many game sites has that.

Oh ya I have an account in kongregate nice games are there in this especially bloons TD

The best ever... and mainly because of those out game achievements, quests, etc

Miniclip is the game in which is made for small child... It have boring games

So many fun and enjoyable games from rpg to idle