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61 Flash-Games

Okay so it may not have hardly any games, but having the full version of "Happy Wheels" makes it one of the best.

The guy who made happy wheels made this site so it is in my top five vote it up people.

This Game Is The Most Amazing Game I Have Ever Played! And It Is Funny!

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63 Neopets
65 MostFunGames
67 Steam

Has every triple a title on it and thousands of indie games

I think that by far steam has better game miliclip as so many crap game unlike steam althoght most all steam games cost money and a lot

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68 Kifanga

Simply amazing and easy to use

The games are easy to play and there are no ads which makes it supper cool.I love this site as it does exactly what is I love to do

The games are just awesome and it's super fast.There are no ads also which makes it even cool

Simplicity of the site and it's layout that's what amaze me.You are able to quickly search for games and play them.You can also choose whether you want flash based games or html5 games.The site also features popular multiplayer online games that you can join and play all for free

69 Friv 200

Entertainment with one day of hard work.

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70 Roblox

All games on the website are made by other users. The moderation is good, so children can play it. Need to know how to use Lua scripting or whatever to be able to build a proper game.

It is a great game I play it like everyday!

Awesome, it has comestible characters and many kinds of games

Why isn't this is not on the top ten because its really fun and its made with millions of mini games and games and there is any kind of game out there and if you want to customize your avatar u can get some but u have to get a roblox card and its really fun so that's why it should be in the top ten

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71 Gaia Online
72 A10
73 StickSports V 1 Comment
75 Friv 2 V 1 Comment

It has about more than five hundred games per subject and more than 15 subjects I have tried it for 2 years its AWESOME

There's much awesome games.


Great site for kids. Nice collection of free online games.

Awesome site!


78 Unblocked Games Hub (UGH)
79 Daily Games

Its cricket games very well

It is a good page

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