Top 10 Best Gaming Computers

The best gaming rigs of the day are posted here. Made for all hard core gamers.

The Top Ten

1 Alienware Area 51 x-58

alienware is the best gaming company out there - HistoryLover

Brilliant gaming computer its a must get

The most powerful machine in universe

Would number 1 gaming PC
All time gaming

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2 Dell 730x

may be the best gaming computer money can buy for now - HistoryLover

3 Velocity Raptor

More expensive than Alienware, look more modern and cool than any other gaming computer, made in the USA, has a massive amount of award, and is still a small business compared to the other computer giants we're all voting on here. - masongilbert74

4 Vigor Gaming Colossus
5 Black Widow Phantom
6 Falcon Mach V

The machine is built to last ;and I'll tell you why. I raised money to buy an alien ware, but then the guy at Best Buy said to me, " Dude if you want a performance computer than buy a Falcon Northwest". I then took out my Mac which was breaking, for it is a Mac I go on the website and configure a Talon which is the Mach V's little brother.
2 Weeks went by of doing the tally's on the calender and one day I get back from work. Wait let me explain back in the great year of 2003 people don't just buy computers after every pay check; I for one stayed extra time at my job to afford that PC. Anyhow I drive home 10:34 PM up the drive way I go turn off the car; I walk up to my front door pitch black. I walk to my key spot back to the door and as I reach for the door I hear a chuachua cardboard. My door is made of cardboard! I take my key out of a box it seem the Porch light finally turns on, and its heavenly glare points upon a word I was waiting for Falcon Northwest. 2003 - 2012 still ...more

7 Gateway FX Series
8 Puget Liquid Cooled Gaming Computer
9 Dell 630

not as new as the 730x but may be worth it for the money - HistoryLover

10 Extreme Skulltrail Gaming System

The Contenders

11 Alienware Aurora ALX

The newest alienware that replaced the area 51 x-58

newer then anything else out there
- HistoryLover

12 Toshiba Qosmio
13 HP Compaq 6520s
14 CyberPower Fang III Black Mamba

Look it up. You'll fall in love.

15 Razer Blade 14
16 MSI GE62 Apache Pro
17 Cromebook
18 MSI GT70

This is really strong and also this is a notebook. So you can take it with you anywhere.

19 Acer Aspire E1-531
20 Intel x386
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