IGN's ''Top 25 Video Game Consoles''

Oh yes once again we countdown anything IGN this time of video game consoles. At the time it was not that terrible, but it had a lot of debatable spots. So let's get this started.

#25 Magnavox Odyssey: Being the first console ever made it deserves a little more respect 20 at the tops, but I understand why they started with this one.

#24 Atari Jaguar: While it was an underrated console ruined by awful advertisements and mind boggling controller it did have games that were playable on the system. I get why its here, but cringe is all I need to really say.

#23 Atari 5200: Speaking of cringe here's an even worse entry with the worst controller in gaming history. While the 7800 wasn't awful, the 5200 is ungodly horrid. Shouldn't be on the list even the Pippin before the 5200.

#22 3DO: Not exactly a good console, but like Jaguar had some good games. Problem I wouldn't buy it for 700 dollars screw that. I'd buy Panzer Dragon before thinking about the 3DO.

#21 Magnavox Odyssey 2: Not quite as groundbreaking as the original, but must be better than the other console so far.

#20 Sega Master System: Its about right where it is. This is Sega's first console, and it wasn't revolutionary like another console on the list, but it was good enough to be top 20.

#19 Neo Geo: Should be a bit higher, sure the console was not popular, but to me there is no overlooking the fact that this system was the first to introduce memory cards.

#18 Sega Saturn: Oh look another Sega console except its disappointing, but also underrated. While not any where near N64, nor PS1 level, the Saturn did have great memorable titles in there library.

#17 Atari 7800: A bit too high for a console that was basically on life support for Atari. Again not terrible, but if had to represent the Atari consoles. 2 make it, while the other two need to be replaced.

#16 Nintendo Gamecube: Love of... Why is this so low? I love the gamecube, but come on disrespect underrated.

#15 Playstation 3: If you ask me it is very fine where it is because I would not want it any higher although It makes me pissed that this outranks the Gamecube.

#14 Intellivision: Okay! So this console is better than everything up to this point I say NOT! I mean I like the old games they made, but as a console itself No!

#13 Turbographix-16: Underrated console that is surprisingly around where it should be.

#12 Colecovision: Again underrated, but I would switch this with the Neo Geo, and that would make a whole lot of sense honestly.

#11 Original Xbox: Sickest look of any console, great exclusive title, the menu layout was cool, the introduction of XBL.

#10 Nintendo Wii: Okay now I really have a problem with this. Not only is the Gamecube the lowest of the Nintendo Consoles, but its below this overrated gimmick mediocrity. While it was original, I was not a big fan of the controls I despise it so much, but not top 10, 15 fine give or take.

#9 Nintendo 64: Alright here we go baby! Greatness really arrives now. Classic with memorable games, the last cartridge based console, and one of the finest you'll ever see.

#8 Sega Dreamcast: Died way too soon, Sega's last console, greatest launch title lineup and franchises, way ahead of its time.

#7 Playstation 1: Very nostalgic, greatest boot up screen in gaming history, great titles, started Sony with a bang.

#6 Xbox 360: At the time I was totally stunned it would get that high from IGN because this my favorite of that gen of consoles. Not only did it beat its predecessor in about every way possible. The experience of playing this console is unforgettable for those who have great memories of this console. (excluding red ring of death)

#5 Sega Genesis: Definitely one of Sega'a best is right here, unfortunately there downfall with this console was the add-ons which were totally unnecessary, and probably why I slightly prefer the Dreamcast over it. Genesis does what nintendon't

#4 Super Nintendo: The winner of the most intense rivalry in gaming history, followed up great well on the wildly successful NES, the SNES was just as great with great titles, and iconic controller.

#3 PlayStation 2: This is my number one, and that is the Playstation 2 all these others consoles in the top 10 I have given a chance, but none of them are like this one. I haven't spent hour less times playing this system to death the most when I was really little.

#2 Atari 2600: While it was successful when it started the crash of 1983 would make this go 9 spots lower then where it should be.

#1 Nintendo Entertainment System: I can't really debate on this pick, it was revolutionary and saved gaming as we know it.

My turn on an updated top 25 consoles list that I have created with the updated gen in it.

25. Bandai Pippin
24. Ouya
23. intellivision
22. Odyssey 2
21. 7800
20. Master System
19. Wii
18. Colecovision
17. PS3
16. Saturn
15. Wii U
14. Magnavox Odyssey
13. Turbografx-16
12. PS4
11. Neo Geo
10. Genesis
9. 2600
8. PS1
7. Original XBOX
5. Dreamcast
4. X360
3. N64
2. NES
1. Playstation 2

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on another list.


So, I guess handhelds are just pushed to the side I guess. It's not like the Nintendo DS is like the second best-selling game system of all-time only to be behind the PS2 or anything. But I'm guessing this is only home consoles so...

Here's my top 10 for that matter.

10. Atari 2600 (Pretty much the grandfather of all cartidge based home consoles.)
9. Playstation 1 (Full of classics, like Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil. Also perfected the CD based console.)
8. Nintendo Game Cube (Exceptional library and the most underrated Nintendo console.)
7. Sega Genesis (Really help popularize the video game industry and a great competitor against the Super Nintendo.)
6. Xbox (Introduced a whole new level of gaming and full of great stand alone titles like Halo and Forza Motorsport)
5. PS3 (My preferable 7th gen console. It had better exclusives, better hardware and you could play online for free. It also has a very extensive library full of great modern classics, like The Last of Us, Uncharted, MGS4 and Little Big Planet, to name a few.)
4. Nintendo 64 (Incredible library, full of many outstanding masterpieces. One of the most iconic consoles of the 90s.)
3. NES (Classic console that save the gaming industry. Can't really say anything bad because of what it has done for gaming.)
2. PlayStation 2 (My personal favorite of the post-90s era of gaming. Best selling console, best exclusives out of any of it's competitors at the time, home to one of my favorite games of all-time (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty) and one of the best gaming libraries of all-time.)
1. SNES (Filled with tons of classics. Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario RPG, Link to the Past, Super Castlevania IV, Chrono f***ing Trigger! The games of this console certainly still hold up since plenty of indie games of today use 16-bit graphics, and the majority of the games gameplay mechanics have aged very well. It took everything great about it's predecessor and boosted it to a whole new level.) - cjWriter1997

CJ, you forgot to mention Parappa/Lammy in PS1 Classics - xandermartin98

Good list and opinions, but I wouldn't necessarily rank them based on how respected they are. Yes the NES saved the gaming industry, but that has nothing to do with how much you like the console itself. It seems you put it 1st just because it saved the gaming industry and is highly respected by others, I don't do that when I rank them I just go with how much I like the consoles personally. Anyways other than that good post. - JamesNicholls