Xbox 360 is good, but is pretty bad compared to PS3

Graphics: Look at Halo, Look at Uncharted, Look at Halo, Look at Uncharted. Which one is better? Uncharted. I can name other amazing looking games like God of War 3, Infamous 2, Heavy Rain, and so on. Winner: PS3

Games: Xbox 360 has Halo, Gears of War, and Minecraft. I would list Fable, but it's helping you guys out if I don't. In place of Halo, we have Killzone. If you think Halo is better, fine then. We have Killzone AND Resistance. You have Gears of War, we have Uncharted, and Uncharted is easily better. Now i'm gonna go play my Uncharted 2: Game of The Year edition. That's not even listing so many other games. If you want me to, tell me in the comments section below. Winner: PS3

Controller: Battery lasts longer for Xbox 360 controller, but a lot of them don't have rechargab;e batteries unlike PS3 controllers. People say they like the triggers and the size, but that's really an opinion. Winner: Tie

Online: Xbox totally wins this one.... If PS3's internet wasn't free. Xbox 360 fanboys say PS3 always gets hacked. I've ran into it once. I then quit the game and joined another one. Oh no, that hacker just wasted like 10 seconds of my life. PSN sucks. Just because of Xbox 360's chat options Winner: Xbox 360

Overall: It's pretty obivous. What is gaming about? It's about having fun and playing games. Playstation 3 won more categories including the most important one. Games.


Hahahahhaahahahahah... No.

here we go:
Graphics: Okay, you win. PS3 has better graphics, that's for sure. However, better graphics don't make a better game.

Games: Xbox's exclusive library is far better than the PS3's. Xbox has Halo, Gears of War, Fable, and others. Even though PS3 has good exclusives as well like MGS4 or "Uncharted" which apparently you like so much (even though there are far better platform action games out there). But Xbox's exclusives are better, and the multi-platform games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto are better on the 360.

Controller: Xbox's is better. Hands down. PS3 is too small and oddly-shaped. It may have worked fine in 1998, but it doesn't work fine now.

Online: Obviously Xbox Live is better than PSN. You even agreed with me on this.

Overall: Xbox 360 is better. The end. You lost. I won. - visitor

Fable does not cound it's on PC - visitor

Fable is on PC - visitor

Its on xbox as well the first fable was on xbox - visitor

Fable is on PC it's not an exclusives and don't you get tired of playing shooters so much - visitor

Ps3 it's better then any xbox - visitor


No its really not compared to the games and that's what you do on the consoles - visitor

I agree with you - visitor

I didn't mean to say that actually I tried to say that xbox is better because the consoles are all about the games and xbox has far better games than stupid ps3 no matter what you do - visitor

Fan boys -. - - visitor

Graphics: PS3, do I even have to explain?

Games: PS3 because, HD and re-releases of old ps1 and ps2 classics. All the games listed and the upcoming: the last guardian, final fantasy versus XI and the last of us.

Controller: Only an opinion, I like xbox360 controllers grip and buttons, but I dislike its backtriggers and analog sticks. And of course I hate the batteries. So I'd call it a tie.

Online: I don't even play that many games online, but I haven't met any problems with either systems. Xbox 360 has better chat systems, but ps3 is free. So for a casual online gamer ps3 is better.

Online store: Added this one because I HATE the store model microsoft uses, you have to purchase points to buy something. And usually you'll have to pay "extra" because you can't buy a specific number of points. With ps3 you just use regular dollars instead of some lame ass points.

For me the winner is PS3.
- visitor

Youve got it all wrong the graphics hardly matter at all if you used the beverages on a pie chart, why do you even imagine to put silly games against halo and Grand Theft Auto not to mention call of duty and fable. Xbox has got a wider range of games and they are all better - visitor

I think that both consoles have their upsides and their downsides. - visitor

True - DK

Yes especially with some game franchises and how the console works and its beverages for the players. But by the end of the day you can just play halo over and over again. - visitor

Xbox 360 is better than PS3 - toy

I agree with you all the way, XBOX FOREVER! - DK

I feel sorry for whoever set this up. I'm not even a FANBOY. I own a PS3, and I still say it was a mistake not to get an Xbox 360. Better controller, better exclusives, better console altogether. It's just the PS3 has SLIGHTLY better graphics. - omgfranz

PS3 WINS DD: WHY CRY D; - visitor

No No No No No you are quite mistaken my friend because ps3 has bad games that's the thing all the ps3 franchises aren't really around or just aren't very good in games. I've played on my cousins ps3 and it was actually quite boring compared to xbox. Sure ps3 has better graphics but not by much. Seriously ps3 kind of sucks and I feel annoyed whenever I hear someone say ps3 is better You also have to explain how it's better - visitor

Ps3 is good for hard gamers but xbox is good for everyone - visitor