Nintendo 3DS


I've had my Nintendo 3DS for about 3-4 years. I still use it, and I always have. I prefer all Nintendo consoles/games over all others. I also have a Wii, but my 3DS tops the best. It has a wide variety of games, and it is easily portable to play on the go.

IT GReAT lol I think Nintendo 3ds is great because it has all the games your T.V. has so it kinds like having a mini T.V. with you it's just very easy to travel with so I APPrOVE

Best console ever has really good graphics on the top and bottom screen. It Also has the best games like pokemon super smash bros. And more

I was torn between this and thy dreamcast but I am forever loyal to this money printing powerhouse

Awesome better than ds because it has all those features but plus many new and better 3d features which are cool for gaming

This isn't a console. It shouldn't be considered for the list as well as the Nintendo DS, despite both being great handhelds.

Honestly I have one and is the best thing ever made so this should be number 1 on this list

Greatest handheld for sure... Probably not the best game system.

Awesome because of Pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

I didn't like it that much. The 2ds, DSi, and of course original DS are much better for me.

The ribbon cable come loose which is why my 3DS broke - Liam31idents

... I voted for the Wii too soon. I forgot about handhelds. The 3ds is awesome!

One of Nintendo's first hand held consoles. Still one of the best

One of Nintendo's first hand held consoles. Still one of the best.

One of Nintendo's first hand held consoles. Still one of the best.

Come on! 3ds should be at least 5th! By far the best handheld console.

It's like a wii, dsi, and iPod touch all in one system

Better then ds because you can play ds games

The best current handheld gaming device

I love this thing! I even gave mine a name! - BLAZEDAFOX

Oh yeah playing smash brothers

Step up from previous models, but still not too good.

Its bad. Because it lack of the second circle pad and the touch screen are resistive, who need this? No one get this unless they are kids, also,top screen will wobbly or break easily due flip screen 3ds

This ain't a console, if it is, why is it portable

I think the 3ds should about fifth place, at least. You just need to expierence sky high resort.