Nintendo DS


It was a toss up between SNES and DS but DS won for its portability. Really solid game library. Not a lot of remakes (too many was GBA's downfall I think) and just an overall spectacular gaming system!

I completely agree the nintendo ds really stood out to me with the amazing variety of games including Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64 DS and so much more.

My ultimate favorite. I spent hundreds os hours of my life playing on my Nintendo Ds and whenever my school went on field trips, like, EVERYBODY had a DS and Mario kart, so it was never boring.

The ds is the best. First of all, because it doesn't have a wiimote :/ also, whens the last time you saw a Nintendo product give you the red ring of death? - deadgrass27

The DS was my childhood! I loved Mario Party and Kart DS as a 5 year old. I'm getting Mario Party and Kart DS for Christmas 2017 just for the nostalgia.

Loved the console, made number six on my list. The best handheld console definitely, narrowly beating out the GBA.

I LOVE my Nintendo DS! It's an AWESOME portable game system. And, because it's a Nintendo system, it has Mario games!

This had new editions of really good games from other consoles that you just couldn't afford to keep around.

The DS to me is OK at best. I'm not a fanboy going around saying what consoles suck and which are the best, but this thing is overrated. The only games I enjoy on it are most of the Mario games and Pokémon. There are too much 7 year old games for this.

The hinges may suck but it was my first ever gaming console. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I play with this every single day of my life.

another great hand held system nintendo did great with

Hello what were you thinking ds is definitely #1 - awesomedude

The best handheld system in my opinion. - lite64

The World Ends With You. Enough said.

Duh DS lack of the analog sticks

Here we have snes, nintendo 64 and gameboy in one. And its portable! All that and multi player. I'm sold.

The games it has to offer are terrible.

One thing how the fudge is this higher than the 3ds and dsi Xl can anyone tell me this

Hello? Somebody has got to like the DS other then me. All you have to do is click the vote button next to the DS, press the yes button, type the letters h-e-l-l-o then press add new comment. - anonymous

"Nintendo is for kids", PS and XBOX are "awesome".
-Kids (stupid ones in fact)
And that's why the new generation is going to suck a lot. Like if you think the same or you're a kid that's a Nintendo fan (if they exist now).