Nintendo Wii


This console gets way too much hate. Sure it was the shovelware magnet of its generation, but when it got it right, man it got it right. It had the best Mario game (Super Mario Galaxy), the best Zelda game (Skyward Sword, I liked it), many great game from their franchises as well as underrated original games that people forgot, and to top it all off, probably the greatest retro game download service of all time, I mean when I was 12 I was in ecstasy, no longer did I have to pay a lot of money that I usually didn't have for quality games (Even as a kid I didn't get old media shaming, they were a lot of fun despite technology getting better since then), I could get a great new game with my weekly allowance. Plus, all of the control options, I loved playing with the Wiimote Nunchuck's combo, my hands had more freedom than ever (plus I could switch hands, which being a lefty felt great). The Wii U wasn't great due to lack of innovative titles and the Xbox 360 focused on the aspects of ...more

I have a wii in my house but it's not very good because wii is only attracting small kids by releasing games like Mario kart super Mario bros and Zelda so my advice is please wii release games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and hitman absolution so I am buying x box 360 wii please please please release matured games not kids games hope you can understand

To me, Wii is pointed for little kids and it's made to be family friendly, unlike the Xbox and PlayStation. Also, I have a hard time controlling the console with those controllers. I'm glad the Wii you has more types of controllers, because that just didn't fit me.

While people may criticize this for being too casuals and having "painful" motion controls, they are just being either too stupid or too lazy. With some of the greatest games we've ever seen in the seventh generation like Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, Legend of Zeda: Twilight Princess (and skyward sword, of course), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the underrated Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, this is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) consoles of all time. It outsold its rivals by far (nearly 20 million), and also holds the best-seeling game on a single console, the most revolutionary sports game of all time, with sales nearing the HARDWARE sales of the 360 and ps3, Wii Sports. The Wii is the best console I've ever played on. Period.

I'm one of those people who don't like the Wii and being a Nintendo boy, I can see why people like it. It has some good games like the Galaxy series, Metroid Prime, Xenoblade and a multitude of games. But those games mean nothing when you have a motion sick controller. Personally, I rather grip the clunky N64 controllers than a Wii remote ever again. - Thifer20

I had got a wii since 2008 X-mas and its a great system and its a real good exercising machine because of the wii fit

Nintendo Wii has epic graphics and you don't just sit on your butt all day. You actually DO something for a change. And it doesn't have that oh so boring lag of doom. So buy Nintendo Wii!

I hate it when people say "Nintendo sucks" or "Wii is for babies." Do you want to know what I think is ironic? Nintendo's biggest fans are usually 20+ even though their games are meant for kids, while CoDs (Call of Duty) biggest fans are kids who aren't even in the demographic. Wii has great games like Mario Galaxy, and SSBB to justify a purchase. - KingofHoundooms

The memories are flooding back by mentioning wii. I own a wii for 12 years. And it still works well, even the controls still work, graphics are average but it may be my old T.V.. Wii rocks

The Wii had are really good run, especially with younger families, it was fun for all, with Wii sports to shooters, with really good motion controls. This console was awesome

This console is my childhood. It has some of the best Nintendo games and some of the best games ever in general. Nothing more to say. Xbox 360 is very close behind though.

Many people stereotype the wii with kids. But it has many games that anyone can enjoy. It is more family friendly and has some of the best games you won't find anywhere else.

Wii has a great system with great games to go with it, the quality dominates those of all the "top 4" on this list, then they kind of killed it with Wii U... - anonymous1

This is a really really good and brilliant console I have and will ever have in my whole life. It games are really fun like Mario kart Wii

The Wii is awesome! I love the motion controls, and who wouldn't want some Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart Wii?

The wii is definitely the best and you can spend hours playing games and not gettin bored should be first

You can't say another system is better if you haven't play the game you dissing. (I'm talking to all you haters)

I Love this console! But whenever I try to find one to buy on a website it says the Wii u! I don't want the Wii u!

Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy, and Smash Bros. Are some of the greatest games of all time, and they are all on this console. Wii rocks!

Has some of the best games and actually tries something different, rather than just more power.

I kinda grew up with the Wii so I have learned to respect the Wii also the game scarface the world is yours is OP

For me, this had the best Smash Bros game, the 2 best Mario games, and the 2 best Kirby games. - Garythesnail

The Wii is better for best games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles.

This is an awesome console. It not only appealed to gamers but regular people, too.

Mario Kart Wii and both Pikmin 1 and 2 were my first games. After that I loved the Wii. My brother and I still play New super Mario bros Wii,from time to time. It has awesome games. Tons of stuff to do. Best and least-violent gaming console.