Nintendo Wii U


I would get a Wii U if the new Zelda comes out already! When it does, I am definitely going to purchase a Wii U just like a lot of others.

This I love it it should be higher I mainly like it because how different it is buy Wii u is one of the best video game consoles

Has SO many modern classics like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Mario Maker. Also this review was written on a Wii U. Yes. You can visit thetoptens on your Wii U!

What is wrong with this system? It has cool games and features and there really is no reason to hate it so much. It should be in the top 10 at least! Now vote for the Wii u!

The Super Nintendo of the current generation! I love the Wii U! - Thifer20

Well, people might hate me for saying this but, wii you, in my opininion is the next gen. console that has most evolved. Well, Xbox one, is a VCR. Well, ps4, it's more powerful and stuff, but we can't say so much about it, well, I'm not a sony obssesed person ( I use Xbox and Wii you ) so I can't say so much about it. Well, the Wii you, it's like a stronger Xbox 360, but it's the innovation that matters I guess. I love the game pad (people hate it but I love it) and the game pad can be used well in a lot of games. But... if the game pad breaks, your Wii you is broken all well. They don't sell them sepperately and if it breaks... say bye to your Wii you. I think that they should make the game pad optional, but it's my opinion, I may be wrong, and tell me if I am. Wow, long paragraph...

I would add this to the top of this list even though I have no other 8th-gen consoles. This is what I own, and it's the best console I've played.

I love this system! I don't know why so many people hate it, because it's for sure one of Nintendo's best systems! The games are super fun!

There's a built-in Wii in the Wii U. Wii U should be WAY higher. And also, try Wii Fit U. You might say,"Oh, that sounds so stupid," but it's more fun than you think.

Awesome it's like a Nintendo Wii but say on Mario bros you can place firkin random blocks. Wired

Like the wii but better, with the game pad as an attachment

This deserves spot one not 14! Why do people hate it so much? Nintendo is definitely the best gaming company!

The best gaming console of all time in my opinion is about to get replaced so the Nintendo Switch has a lot to prove when I get it. - Liam31idents

This console has some great exclusives that are definitely worth playing.

The Wii you Is Awesome Why Is It Not At Least At The Top Ten Plus The Pro Controller Was Awesome 1080 Graphics The New Super Smash Bros. Was AWESOME! Though The NES Is STILL BETTER

It's a little complicated, and so it doesn't get many third party games. But third parties wanna make quick profit with no work (EA sports, Activision, Ubisoft, many others), so they don't feel like coding stuff that much. But it's great.

Can't stand this thing. It is why I will never buy a Nintendo product again. EVER! - Kaboom

It should be number 5 at least but I think it should be 3

I have a list just for Wii u games go check it out!

Why does it get so much hate? I think it's super!

The most underrated video game console.

Seriously, this is underrated it great

This is should at least be behind the 360.

What the heck? Why is it not on the top 10? - Awesomelionking

Why does people hate this system. It's awesome! Wii is life - AlphaQ