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41 GameBoy Color

I wish I had Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for this

Home to the Pokemon series. Pokemon Gold/Crystal... Need I say more?
Pokemon for the win!

I have Super Mario Bros Deluxe for it! It is awesome!

I'm going to get one of these on chrismas and it looks fun

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42 Playstation Portable

It's already at the list

Grt console

43 Atari

The original console besides pong

44 iPlay

Dude are you serious dis is like

45 Nintendo 2DS

I prefer this over anything else. It is the same as a 3Ds, but some features are different. I don't get how this is in the 40's

This not foldable

2ds is awesome I don't no why its number 91

My only issues are the bad speakers and not being able to fold. The 2DS XL fixed the folding problem though. - Enderninja327

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46 3DO

The early age of 3D gaming where imagination still ruled game design (Killing Time anyone? ) and anything was possible. Modern games can be so boring...

Even though it's a commercial failure but the 3DO manage to be on the list for the result of 3d games, good library of games and great controller but it has some flaws like its expensive price and its hard to find a working 3DO but it has an charm that you need to know

This game is garbage and old in the 90,s

Ok it has disc drive but worse

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47 Sega CD

Not a game console. The Sega CD is actually a CD add-on to the Sega Genesis with full-motion video, higher-quality sound, and sharper sprites.

I own a sega cd and to be honest most of you people only have it on the lists because of avgn and some of you haven't even played the games sure the fmv ones are cheesy and boring this add on doesn't really show off anything new except video and better sound but some games are actually good like silpheed robo aleste snatcher sonic cd earthworm jim the best port of final fight terminator

48 NES Classic Edition

Ye it's the best nintendo console... Now smaller and 30 classics this will become more selled than the ol‘ one!

49 Mattel Intellivision

Great graphics. Very successful during the second generation. - floridiancat

Not as good as the 2600, but it did have better graphics and better sports games!

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50 Sega Game Gear

The game gear had some enjoyable sonic games

Very underrated! - ispentandroid

Try GG Aleste and Power Strike II, you'll love them.

51 PSP Go

Best console, is more expensive than ps3, you can buy some av cable and you have ps3

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52 Sega Master System

Loved Alex the kid built in game and of course sonic, got this after my spectrum so this console seemed amazing at the time, loved it.

My first console which will always have a special place in my heart. Many hours of fun playing built-in Alex the Kidd.

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53 TurboGrafx 16

This thing truly held it's own against the Mega Drive, but Sega won for me in the end. Still a cool little beast is the TurboGrafx 16.

I have a PC-Engine and it was my first touch of video games, and my first kiss.

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54 Kindle Fire

I have one. After one year of experience, it deserves to be higher. - Top10Masterz

It was a ok system. Nothing a amazing.

Plainrock124 deserved to break this. this thing is so bad even sweatshirt is better than it

It actually sucks because:
No Bluetooth or Hotspot Support
You Couldn't Watch Certain YouTube Videos
Boring Games From The Amazon AppStore
You Can't Use Google Play (You Can Only Use The Amazon AppStore)
A Design That Drains Battery Life

The only good thing is the very low price of $60!

55 Kindle Fire HD


56 Apple Bandai Pippin

I always wondered why people hated it so much.

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57 Turbo Duo
58 Odyssey2
59 Leapster 2

As a child I LOVED this thing. There were so many fun, educational games that I became addicted too. I could play it for hours, too

60 Amiga CD32

Amiga CD32 was the best and forever the greatest Commodore Amiga family consoles - CerealGuy

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