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81 Master System

The master of all things!

82 Pop Station/PCP Station

This is probably the best console there ever is, it has amazing games such as "Super Maria" "Flight master" "plane flyer" "Captain Jet" "Street Fighter" "Street King" "Master Fighter of Street" "King of Street Fighters", and other incredible games that are essentially the same, except better because... BECAUSE!

83 RS-1

It's A CAR! Not a console

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84 RCA Studio 2
85 Atari 2600 Jr.

Sometimes you gotta get to the roots

I herd this console really sucks

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86 Fairchild Channel F

The first console to use rom cartridges like atari 2600

Don't know why but I like it!

87 Atari Home Pong

Even though it's just 2 lines and a ball. - noo7na7

88 Power Kracker 2013

Are you serious? THIS CONSOLE SUCKS. Not sure if you're a troll or a retard

What the heck this should be number 1 million it sucks so much

89 Atari Flashback
90 Game Boy Mini
91 Letcool
92 Lexibook Cyber Console Center

I think this is the best because it use to cost 39.23 dollars but I got it for 2.00 dollars.

93 Wii Mini

It's super bad, lack of the third party software installation for play DVD CD and have no internet connectivity

94 Atari 5200 V 1 Comment
95 iQue Player V 1 Comment
96 Atari 7800
97 PSP 5000

Yeah its nice but released in japan

99 Galaxy Invader 1000
100 Neo Geo CD

Very underrated not perfect but worth a try

It a cool console

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Xbox 360 is good, but is pretty bad compared to PS3
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