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101 Gizmodo

This was made as a response to the N-Gage, because Nokia is TOTALLY the king of gaming.

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102 MSX
103 R-Zone R-Zone

A blurry, nauseating monochrome display that you have to shut one eye to see, plus a terrible library of games, a lackluster controller, awful sound capabilities, and no ability to save game progress? Wow! Sounds like an awesome system, all right!

Worse than the Virtual Boy. 'enough said.

I don't think it's the worst because AVGN said so. It's truly THAT BAD.

This is the Worst Game Console Ever!
Not Kidding, AVGN Reviewed it and he said it's the worst.

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104 Philips CD-i V 3 Comments
105 Atari Lynx

One that has been forgotten. Still go back to play sometimes. First true color backlit handheld.

How is this lower then the R Zone? This was probably the best handheld at the time, and was very powerful.

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106 Atari Jaguar

Actually, no. The Atari Jaguar is one of the worst consoles EVER. The controller looked like a piece of controls from an airplane. Second, the graphics sucked. And so did the game. Why is this piece of crap on here? - airplain313

The ONLY reason to play this console is for doom and alien versus predator!

By the way it isn't 64 bit. Atari lied and instead it was 32 bit LOL

It looks like a toilet when you put on the on the CD

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107 Virtual Boy Virtual Boy

Laugh out loud, at the bottom of the list. I hate the VB, more then Justin Bieber. This must have more hate then him!

Warning: it may cause headache after 5 minutes of play.

Did you realised that you are voting just to comment?

Bad - PinkSheepYT

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Xbox 360 is good, but is pretty bad compared to PS3
IGN's ''Top 25 Video Game Consoles''
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