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101 Neo Geo CD

Very underrated not perfect but worth a try

It a cool console

102 Retron
103 Philips CD-i

Gee, It sure is boring around here...

Nice but worst

"hint" what does the Xbox one really look similar to look above ^ - htoutlaws2012

Hope she made lotsa spaghetti

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104 Atari Home Pong

Even though it's just 2 lines and a ball. - noo7na7

105 Power Kracker 2013

Are you serious? THIS CONSOLE SUCKS. Not sure if you're a troll or a retard

What the heck this should be number 1 million it sucks so much

106 Atari Flashback
107 Gizmodo

This was made as a response to the N-Gage, because Nokia is TOTALLY the king of gaming.

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108 Mad Catz M.O.J.O.
109 Nvidia Shield

I have 5 of those.. Seriously..

110 PlayStation TV

Yeah its nice psvita that connect to the T.V., oh wait... You can hack it with henkaku to play all psvita game titles on PS T.V.

111 Game Boy Mini
112 Letcool
113 Lexibook Cyber Console Center

I think this is the best because it use to cost 39.23 dollars but I got it for 2.00 dollars.

114 Wii Mini

It's super bad, lack of the third party software installation for play DVD CD and have no internet connectivity

115 Atari 5200 V 1 Comment
116 iQue Player V 1 Comment
117 Atari VCS
118 PSP 5000
119 Chintendo Vii

God, no! Who the hell put this piece of garbage in here? It's a ripoff of the Wii! The Vii needs to be put in its right place. And that is the trash can! - ChocoMint

This is the best console yet. Go try it haters.

Lol! I love these trolls!

120 Bandai SwanCrystal
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