PlayStation 3


Ok first of all I have an xbox and ps3 and I honstly love them both they seem to be the same thing. And the ps3 engine is quit better then the xbox. PS3 is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment and the successor to the PlayStation 2 better than xbox as part of the PlayStation series. The PlayStation 3 competes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. It was first released on November 11, 2006, in Japan, with international markets following shortly thereafter.
Major features of the console include its unified online gaming service, the PlayStation Network, its multimedia capabilities, connectivity with the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, and its use of the Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium.

I know that sony is a good company there itams don't break easily so yeah but microsoft is a good company to. The bad thing about xbox's are you have to buy your membership ...more

The ps3 wins for it's amazing amount of capabilities, such as: Amazing graphics, built-in-wi-fi, blue-ray, hd gaming, media sync capability, plus it can hold, photo's, movies, tv shows, and music. You can also change the theme and backround of the ps3, plus, you can take out the installed hard drive, and install your own. ps3 also has alot of the hit games available too, ps3 is the hands down winner!

Also: an honorable mention to: Super Nintendo Entertainment system, Atari 2600, Segax32, plus Sega Mastersystem. - JP113

Uncharted 2... Owned God of War... Owned FF... Owned MGS4... Owned LBP Heavy Rain inFAMOUS Killzone OWNED - shuckyducky

Are you kidding? Of course the PS3 is superior. It has a superior processor, superior media format, free online gaming, PlayStation Home, and Killzone 3. The 360's fans usually just say something like "Oh the 360 is just bettur hurdurr" without backing it up.

We have the technical specifications to back our claim up. What do you have? Halo? Pfft.

I have both and personally I prefer the Ps3 because of free internet, I paid $60 for service I can get free on Ps3 I cannot deal with that I'm wasting money, Ps3 is better is greatly organized and things make sense, Amazing Themes that have sounds and moving backgrounds, You can flip the thing upside down and not get the scratch on your disc, Blu-ray graphics and video playback, It has a Internet Browser, Ps3, It Can! Only do anything

Definitely the best console. Not just for gaming, overall also. Blu-ray player, best graphics after pc, tied with the 360. Best looking console in my opinion. Greatest exclusives out of any console (LittleBigPlanet, God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Infamous series, Uncharted series, Resistance series, Killzone Series, Metal Gear Solid collection (1 2 and 3), Final Fantasy 6-13 1 2, etc). Best console for ever!

Why I like the playstation 3 is that it has way better exclusives than the Xbox 360 like Little Big Planet, God of War, and the never forgetful UNCHARTED 2 AND 3! To say the truth, I don't have any of the consoles except the wii but I have seen lots of people play the xbox and ps3. Even if the control stick in the controller is not very good compared to the xbox, it is a much better way to save your money. I already have a blu-ray player so I don't mind about that. Finally, the PS3 is much much more reliable as it hasn't had many breakdowns as much as the Xbox! Waiting to here from the PS4! Long live Playstation! Long live Sony!

I gotta be fair. I have both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and I honestly think that the PS3 is better. I'm not biasing my opinion. PS3 has free online, HD graphics, Blu-Ray, PlayStation home and lots of good exclusive games. I'm not gonna say "better" because it's not fair to Xbox fans. Xbox Live has good network connection and only got hacked once. The 360 has good exclusive games like the PS3. The downsides to the PS3 is that its really expensive and had laggy internet. The Xbox downsides is that you have to pay for Gold membership, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I'm on no particular side here, but I'm just saying that I like the PS3 more.

Easily the best. Only thing Xbox 360 has going for it is Left 4 Dead, maybe Halo. PlayStation 3 includes free online play, great exclusives (inFAMOUS, God of War, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, etc. ), no red ring of death, the list just goes on. So PS3 all the way, and yes I could get an Xbox 360 AGAIN (mine got red ring of death) or I could just get Left 4 Dead and maybe Halo on my PC. So this list is incorrect until PS3 gets first, I even think the Wii/Wii you is better than the 360.

lol, obviously people are stupid. it has much better graphics, the colors are totally ****ed up on xbox 360 tbh.. and xbox isn't a real hd consol. online is also free. and it doesn't lag! by the way.. I've seen modern warfare 2 on xbox.. crap graphics, crap players.. etc... by the way, the chance for ps3 to explode is 1% ish. or even less. xbox: 18%. I wouldn't like mine crashing just becuase of not having a window open or so. - freezerman75

open your eyes
. it has built in wifi
. blu ray
. hd gaming
. you can save photos, videos, music
. you can install 2 tera byte hard drive
. many popular games like God of War, Uncharted series.

The PS3 was by far the most amazing console of all time. Unlike the Wii, the PS3 was directed to mature kids who liked FPS' and TPS', not for immature children ages 5 and under. Unlike the Xbox, the PS3 had more amazing games except for the games that would be directed to Xbox and PS3. Also unlike the Xbox, PS3 didn't have to pay for membership, and pay 60 big ones a year for online play. PS3 on the other hand, had those for free. The best game of 2009, was in fact, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which was a game exclusive to PS3. Thank you SONY for brining us the best console ever, the PlayStation 3!

It has wifi, which the 360 didn't have when it first came out. It can read blue ray, again which the Xbox 360 couldn't and still can't do yet as far as I know. And another thing is, Sony didn't sell a broken version of the PS3 when it first came out like the 360 did when it first came out. The original 360's had an 80% fail rate when they released.

The PS3 is by far the best game console. It has better graphics, a built-in blu-ray player, free online, amazing gameplay, free downloadable demos, better games and exclusives, and everything else that owns Xbox. And PS3 is cheaper long-term.

Although Xbox is really good, I have to go with my PS3. It has a lot of grade A exclusive titles, and still has good 3rd party support and great online (did I mention it's free? ) I personally recommend this system over all the others of this generation.

Exclusives, Blue-Ray,
Free online that is as good as xbl now,
Controllers are rechargeable,
Has text chat gaming (not as good as cross chat),
And just owns Xbox 360.

I have an Xbox 360 but I only use it as my cup holder...

PlayStation is the best game franchise for sure they come out with the best games with the best graphics I own the ps3 xbox 360 and wii but the ps3 is the overall best out of the three of them.

It has the best exclusive games like the God Of War Series,
Uncharted Series, Killzone Series, Resistance Series and more, better visuals in most cross platform games, it has blu ray the internet is free it has PlayStation move, HD collection of some PS2 and PSP games totally beats Xbox who's only good exclusive is Halo!

Best gaming console ever it is far better than any other console. All the games in it have good graphics etc. I like it more than anything thumps up if you like it and please vote for it

Pound for pound, the greatest console yet... Probably the most innovations in a single such machine; and even at $500+ (the most expensive ever) a bargain almost a decade on (especially comparing it to the 360, which would have cost another $500 for online access over that period. )

Way better than the xbox. It has way better hardware and is way more durable. My friends xboxes are constantly breaking but I've never even heard of someone having problems with a ps3 - greatwallofseb

Amazing much stronger machine than anything else before way better exclusives than Xbox the controller is way better its just an amazing console. My second pick would be gamecube

Cool guy with bloody awesome graphics. For optimist this will be the world of good entertainment. I believe it is unbeaten man. God of war games can be played only in PS 3 unless in xbox 360

The blue ray player in it is alone worth $299.99 so your basically getting the console for 100 bucks, more fun the ps3, free online, and as of 2009 year will have more exclusives - jimmypagejr3

This shut bill gates up, but he still retaliated and stuff, which stinks because he only made the Xbox to compete with sony and Nintendo and other consoles, same deal with the pc - pauler94