PlayStation 4


PlayStation is the best and the best design thank you Sony

10th? Really people? I've had the system for about a month and already can tell that this is by far the best gaming system to date, with even more potential! Better than the Xbox one and wii u! A much better controller than XBONE and great graphics as well. Not to mention the online play is free with a new streaming service coming soon. THE best system ever made!

Best hardware, best graphics, best online support compared to other next-gen consoles, best games on next-gen consoles. And it will even better when companies started to launch more next-gen games

Bought this and can't believe how awesome it is. owned it for a year now and it just keeps getting better

Best console that I had not for its game because of its great and easy features that makes your gaming experience enjoyable

What the hell man it's the best going console ever made and far better than Xbox one. It should be ranked 1 undoubtedly

Had this console for 3 and a half years now, provided me with 3 and half years worth of entertainment, great console.

I have most of my games on this amazing beautiful, console.

Playstation won the console war this generation for sure. It is the first time they won. I am surprised.

Who ever invented this needs to go back to the drawing board the PlayStation three is better come on

This was Sony's downfall of being good, even though they continue to hold their own in the market.

Best thing ever to gaming with great graphics and more this is truly the best console so far

Uncharted, Bloodborne, LittlebigPlanet, The last Of us, God of War, Until dawn, infamous, ratchet & clank, kingdom hearts, and now with upcoming new god of war game, gran turismo, last of us sequel, and horizon zero dawn - VideoGamefan5

Better graphics than any other gaming console. In fact, the best graphics I've ever seen

It's number 1 console in the world

Amazing console. It is not yet where it should be, and snes will always be the best!

In my opinion it is a great console to use it is just hard to use the controller

This is awesome. Amazing games and graphics, just the controllers need work

This is the best gaming console in the world this should be on number 1.

What per ranked in the tenth? Such nonsense!

I have one I ordered it and it came to my door on day 1 it is amazing

This is the best gaming system ever

Too complicated with season pass, on line, extra "free" items.

Best hardware console until now!

The best video game consol of the video gaming industry.