This is totally is probably the 3rd best or even second best AT LEAST because guys come on the wii is horrible! And the nintendo 64 for is so OLD and boring. Which no one has. Plus, the Psp is a great handheld with very inexpensive games in Eb games. Which are still REALLY good. Like Rachet and clank : size matters. Also, PSP includes violent and Non violent gamings. So almost any age can play it. And lets face it, I bought a PSP for only $160, which included a memory stick for 8gb and 2 games!

My bro wanted a wii so bad and when he got it, he hated it for all the glitches and bad quality. SO great job SONY on this console, I truly support your work on this one! Also Sony has great graphics also well maintained on the PSP!

Psp is great and can emulate several of these systems. Greatest system ever! If you love retro gaming and if you like modern games they have that to and portable to.

Awesome GC! Very similar to PS2, and it has great graphics... If someone is bored he can enjoy playing this gaming console!

Just found my old PSP hidden away a few weeks ago. I booted it up and started Crisis Core, believe me, the graphics are really amazing. Not just the graphics, the games are fun. Persona 3 Portable, Crisis Core. Heck, I even played Spongebob. They're all fun, even has an MP3 player. - ChocoMint

PSP is the best gaming console I ever had. Its portable with a very good graphics PSP is AWESOME... Please.. Vote for psp cause psp is the best it have very cool cool games with a very low price, it's acessories is easily available and PSP rocks

Psp rocks. It has cool graphics. It is amazingly cool. Go psp

It's the best gaming console in the world

This this should be at top 10 it deserve!

PSP is awesome, nothing more to say.

Psp is best download games not buy

PSP is awesome, great spin-offs (Daxter, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, God of War: Ghost of Sparta), releases the full console version of a game and not just a cheap remake (unlike NDS) and you can play PS1 games on it, which is awesome

I have had mine for 10 years and its still good many classic games I would pefer this than a PS vita