Sega Dreamcast


This was by far the best console. Innovative, fun, and an unbelievable library of games. This console has the fewest crappy games of any console. This was also the first console that allowed for online gameplay right out if the box. Also, how is the Xbox 360 number one? It's a piece of crap that red rings after 2 months

It seems not enough people have played the Dreamcast on here. Without it, our modern consoles would not be what they are today. It was groundbreaking and despite only lasting two years, the amount of masterpieces it had was insane. There would certainly be no Xbox consoles without the Dreamcast.

A commercial failure yes but was far from a hardware failure. The issue with the Dreamcast was that it was badly timed, however the system itself is one of the best consoles ever made as it was very much ahead of it's time with features not found on other consoles at the time of it's release, notable features include full online play and first console to be able to utilize 720p HD with the use of VGA video cable, granted not all games were compatible and it wasn't perfectly optimized for all those it supported but for the time it was incredible to see. The games themselves were fantastic as well with some of the most well made and most original games with releases such as Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi and nit to mention some of the best arcade ports of fighters like Marvel vs Capcom and Dead or Alive 2. The VMU memory units were a great idea and one that was a shame that was never utilized again. Overall I would say the Dreamcast is definitely one of my personal favourite systems ...more - JayDynamite

I'm surprised this isn't in the top 10. This has got to be Sega's best console ever, even better than the Genesis! The Dreamcast had the hardware and software that changed the gaming world as we know it! GO SONIC ADVENTURE!

What the heck is it doing so low?

Power Stone? Soul Calibur? Shenmue? Crazy Taxi? A precursor to todays systems, it's influence, particularly online gaming, paved the way for others to follow. A true classic.

Sega was always better than Nintendo now days sonic 1 for sega Genesis is only $3 dollars while super Mario world is $20 are you kidding me I wish I could bring back sega and stop Nintendo from ever happening

Sega's last console and wow did it span a lot of great franchises in it's last attempt way ahead of it's time the first to have online before the original Xbox would be the second to do it. - htoutlaws2012

This thing had a lot of innovation. I thought people asked for that... :/ I will always cherish sonic adventure 1&2 jet grind radio and crazy taxi.

The best modern console. The best old console is definitely the Atari 2600. Both revolutionary and ground breaking. After the Dreamcast was cancelled I went onto buy a PlayStation 2. The PS2 was a terrible machine compared to the Dreamcast. Also Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast was the best game I've ever played.

I'm not satisfied with the controller, but that's okay, because it has the most advanced hardware at that time, really enjoy Quake 3 on this.

No other console comes even close. Better than any console ever made, better than any console that will ever be made - PCgamer98

Dreamcast is such an awesome console, it drastically improved by dreams. Now I will be dreamin' about Sonic.

This console was alright. But this should definitely be placed at least on the top 20

Tied with the GameCube for being the two most underappreciated and overlooked consoles of all time.

Nothing comes even close, dreamcast is so much better than any other game console ever made.

Make more Sega, and I will stop buying those crappy Play Stations and Xbox's

Best console ever made, and that was in 1999. We are now in 2017...

Ahead of its time by a long shot, the last bastion of creative arcade games.

I agree. The dreamcast is what revolutionized gaming consoles.

How are the wii and gamecube above this

This is the worst list I've ever seen. This should be number one

Best console in my opinion. All I have to say is this: Shenmue.

Great, fun little console. Second best in my opinion.

An amazing console, easily my fourth favorite, but only because I didn't grow up on lt. You owe your modern conveniences, such as modernized online gaming & dashboards to the Dreamcast. It sucks to see SEGA go, especially when they were the last competitor to not be one of the boring three (not criticizing them, but the competition has gotten boring. Remember when there were five competitors? More exciting.), but they went out with style, outdoing all of their previous consoles. The thing that killed the Dreamcast is the PlayStation 2. I may not own a Dreamcast, but I do own a PS2 & lt is NOT better in any way. It's a ridiculously overrated console & unlike the NES, does not have anything to show for lt. Granted, lf SEGA were still around, they'd just be another crappy console company, as that's what they've been reduced to. I can't say much, but from what I've seen, the Dreamcast is revolutionary. Also, lt's another indestructible console, so there's that.

The second best console ever, behind only the N64.