Xbox 360


This console owns by far. You don't understand how good it is until you get it. Everybody I've asked who has a wii but not an xbox 360 but has played it says wiis better. But wii is boring, its aimed at little kids rather than teens who like to shoot stuff. I have a playstation 3 too. I prefer the xbox pads to the ps3 pads simply because, the triggers are better for shooters.

Overall, wii good for kids, xbox good for teens in need of a great shooter, ps3 average on both... Xbox 360 wins! - lezakattack

You are more connected to the games you play on it and the people you play with, it is like Facebook. Whereas the PlayStation 3/4 is like Twitter. PlayStation is more of just about the game and feels like there is no outside world connection. Xbox has way greater settings and services, including apps and member exclusives, and also PlayStation network is no longer free, therefore Xbox and PlayStation are both on an equal battle now. Xbox will always have the best controllers anyway. - E115EnRaged935

The Xbox 360 is the best console I have ever seen!
It totally deserves to be the world's greatest gaming console!
You can do so much with the Xbox 360 that I don't know what to start with! If you haven't got an Xbox 360 get up check your wallet or purse and see if it has at least $120. Next you get in the car and find a store that sells the Xbox 360 and buy one! You definitely won't regret it or want to sell it!

Peace out!

I'm going out on a limb here saying that the Xbox 360 is for hardcore gamers. Having owned PlayStation consoles before I instantly fell in love with the 360 and it made me truly a gamer. The control is terrific and the exclusives such as Halo, Gears of War, Alan Wake, just to name a few are excellent. But hey, no need to bash other consoles.

Man the ps3 is a piece of crap PSN is always getting hacked like crazy you have to wait 2 hours of boring ass updates on ps3 Xbox is way better I know you have to pay but at least hackers don't ruin Xbox live and game updates takes 5 seconds to install. Ps3 should number 1 one the worst gaming console. - XxwileyxX38

I understand why PS3 is first. But I like Xbox, and this is my opinion, and I think it's great. If you don't, then that's just your opinion. This is the problem about the console war. People that like a console go on other videos and crap on them. But who cares? It doesn't matter. The console wars have no reason. If you like Xbox, go like it. You like PlayStation, go like it. If you like Wii, go like it. Who cares. It just doesn't matter.

I miss my 360 December 2009 - April 2016. It still works technically but I'm thinking of getting a new one as the one I have doesn't work that well. A lot of games don't work on it due to age even digital games have glitches. Saying the disc can't be read when I'm playing the digital download of a game. Nevertheless it was, is, and always will be a great system

Xbox 360 is the golden standard for modern game consoles; great graphics, extremely versatile technology, more stable online, a phenomenal library of games, the first console to support indie games, the first to introduce streaming and music on a console, fantastic controllers, first with an online party system, it's all there.

There are advantages and disadvantages about the Xbox 360 and ps3. Xbox pros: most games, best gameplay, less expensive, best controllers, Xbox live and is made in America. Cons: have to pay for online and not as much memory as ps3. Ps3 pros: better graphics than Xbox, blu-ray player, free online, more memory, etc. Cons: online stinks, made in Japan, crappy controller, not nearly as many games as Xbox, always getting hacked, and costs a lot more than Xbox. In my opinion, the Xbox 360 is better.

The system that got me into gaming, a truly great system with an abundance of fantastic games, it perfected online gaming and came with one of the best controllers for any game console. A true masterpiece that revolutionised the entire industry. Show your respect!

THIS BEATS ALL. It is the ultimate gaming hub has all your entertainment in one system. Some people say "well the Internet isn't free" WRONG it is its called Xbox live silver. Also it has halo the best game ever no doubt about it. Plus PS3 is a piece of crap that is overpriced and over hyped - batmanfan99

The best and the most awesome, cheapest, easiest console with The best and the most awesome, cheapest, easiest controller and with The best and the most awesome, cheapest, easiest motion sensor and with The best and the most awesome, cheapest, easiest games. Enough said to explain that this console is the best console ever made

the xbox is great because you get halo racing games and more and more ps3 make 1 game a month xbox 19 or 18 my friends says that xbox football game are crap but why the hell do you want to play on those games when you could play on halo or call of duty. xboxes are fun and aforderbel

Best console ever and you can't deny that better online has a really well known company that built it Microsoft. Sony might be good but not good enough who cares if you have to pay for online it is all worth it at the end let's go Xbox yay

I got a Wii when I was 9, and it was good, but when I grew up (11, so mature) I wanted a good console to play FPS's and good online functions. I was considering a PS3, until I was over at my friends house and he showed me Halo. (I missed out on every console before 2005). I was hooked. The online costs money, but the 360 never got hacked. It has a better controller, better games and wasn't €600. I love my 360, and when Xbox One comes out, I'll get that too.

Yes! I love this system. Xbox 360 has great exclusive titles and beats the Wii U. My friend has one too. Only problem is red ring of death but that was old now. Thank god Microsoft has finally fixed these issues that used to have

it seems that the wii is for "family fun" the ps3 is for sad nerds who spend their spare time showing off about their blu-ray and 340gb hard drives when no one cares, and the xbox is for the actual gamer - cheese654

The Xbox 360 is without a doubt the greatest and most fun console ever! With great games like halo, Call of Duty, grand theft auto, gears of war, oblivion, etc., the 360 is a Microsoft masterpiece! - Donut666

It's a cool game system cause you create yourself in a way you like it. And you can get costume from achievements you get and some of them are really cool

Xbox is so better then PS3. We have halo and Call of Duty has been better quality on Xbox so Xbox is the best console in the world. P. S Sony gets hacked a lot. Hackers have tried to get Xbox but they can't so Xbox 360 is the best console ever.

Better security, graphics, games (Gears of War; Halo; Forza Motorsport; Kinect etc. ), controller has a better feel to it than PS3's controller, more money, better service, never went down like PlayStation Network, and family time

Been playing games since the early 80's and the 360 is the finest console ever released. So many classic games via the stunning exclusives, a perfect online service, introduction of achievements, XBLA (which is reason alone to own a 360) and is the first console I've never felt any need to mod as it gets pretty much everything right out of the box, HDD game installs is great too.

I own a Xbox 360 and I say that you get good graphics and other things for a good price but there is a problem: Xbox games at some game stores are overpriced I saw one that was R999 at a game store so pick your game store properly

I like Xbox 360 but the Xbox one in my opinion is much better, you can update your game like Call of Duty black ops 3 and madden 16 and gears of war but still I like Xbox 360 but I can say that it is way better than play station.

I love my xbox 360, I probably will never upgrade to the One and this is why:
1.Xbox One takes to much space.

2.Xbox One's graphics are to clean, the 360 graphics are pretty clean to my family partly because we are still dvd/vhs people and I don't like graphic that are too clean.

3.Xbox One is more about watching T.V. and not about gaming, you can a still game on Xbox One but nothing was improved except for watching T.V..

4. There are more games for Xbox 360 than Xbox One. If you are a hard core gamer, then the 360 is what you want. That or PS2.