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1 Armageddon

Now all your sinners, this is the prophecy!

I really like the solo! It's great.

2 Land of the Free

The best song, the official hymn of Gamma Ray. Great Chorus!

This should definitely be higher

Amazing song with great melody, great chorus
And man the guitar is awesome.
The greatest gamma ray song and one of the
Best of all time.

When started hearing them, used to like "Rebellion in Dreamland" most. Now I like it most. - zxm

3 Dethrone Tyranny

Just listen to the song, you'll be convinced.

Induction/dethrone tyranny provoke a powerful eargasm every time I listen to them. The culmination of heavy metal inspired instrumentals, operatic harmonies, kai Hanson's voice and a powerful message makes this song my favorite

Pure Ecstasy for the ears!

This song is my top favorite Gamma Ray song.
It has everything. Great vocals, guitars, bass, and drums.
Very well written, and the lyrics are strong.

4 Man on a Mission
5 Gardens of the Sinners

By far my favorite gamma ray song, I don't know why it's so underrated by the band

This was the first Gamma Ray song I heard and I liked it so much that made me check out the band. - Metal_Treasure

Another awesome but overrated song.
Great song, great vocals, great guitars,
Awaome drums and bass. Third best of

6 Somewhere Out In Space

Everything in this song screams Power Metal, it's a classic for the genre - DomoDaisuki

7 Anywhere in the Galaxy

5/5 on my list. Love it. - Metal_Treasure

A tour de force

From powerplant this is the best.
I mean the way Kai hansen sang that song was
Awesome. Not only that but he wrote it.
Poof! (like every other song from gamma ray
And some of the best of helloween

8 Heaven Can Wait

The best song ever!

I see this song as a Gamma Ray classic. Awesome song from their very first album, 4th best after Rebellion, Tyranny and Revelation in my opinion - BeeBlue

Come on people... It's awesome!

This song cheers me up.

9 Time to Break Free
10 Beyond the Black Hole

Unreal song!

Hands down there best song.

Great song from start to finish.
The timing and melody.
The chorus, the instruments.
If not the best than at least 2nd.

The Newcomers

? Rebellion in Dreamland

If you want to hear one of the best songs of power metal (by Kai Hansen, the creator of power) then listen to this song now!

The opening song for the best album Gamma Ray ever recorded, Rebellion In Dreamland captures the essence of what Kai Hansen originated when he started the path of power metal while he was on Helloween.
It's epic, and varies its pace, with a hymn like chorus. A must listen for anyone who wonders what the hell is Gamma Ray.

It is an awesome song about revolting against tyranny.

The backing vocals part was the best part "he's on the way" - zxm

The Contenders

11 Valley of the Kings

Cheesiest metal song I've ever listened to in my life. The lyricsim on this album is embarrassing as heck, although the entire album is overrated and mediocre at best just like Land of the Tree. The only album I like from them is Heading for Tomorrow specifically because of Brad Cheaper's vocals.

12 Blood Religion
13 Heaven or Hell
14 Last Before the Storm

Ralf Scheepers is a german Halford!

15 Send Me a Sign

Just awesome.
The melody is awesome.
Everything is awesome.
One of the best if powerplant.

16 Rain

A great song with long impressive solo. One of my top 10 songs!
- Metal_Treasure

17 New World Order
18 Real World

I love this song, I saw it as pretty far down on other lists though I can't see why, my fairly religious friend didn'like it very much though. Too real I suppose.

19 Avalon

Sequel to Rebellion in Dreamland and Insurrection, another Power Metal epic with harmonious choirs, varying speeds, and a call for a better tomorrow.

20 Insurrection

12 minute masterpiece

Best song

21 From the Ashes
22 Master of Confusion

Just shaking! Should be top 10 at least

23 Lost in the Future
24 Farewell
25 Empress
26 Razorblade Sigh

Sounds good to me...

27 Heavy Metal Universe

Not only one of the best metal lyrics, but also one of the greatest metal songs!

A great tribute to metal, with one of the best lyrics ever!

The best metal anthem! - Metal_Treasure

Best lyrics, perfect metal song!

28 Lake of Tears

One of the best ballads in metal

29 Lust for Life

Love this song! The song has right amount of pace, and great amount of catchy and memorable riffs.

A song that defined what is fast and power for Gamma Ray. Excellent lyrics.

Why so low? This is such an amazing metal song.

Best song from heading from tomorrow
(The first album).
This song is with Brad Cheapers (one of the
Best vocalist who later webt to primal fear).
"Live life easy! " awesome song.

30 The Silence

One of the best slow songs of all time.
Amzing song from heading from tomorrow
(Also singed by brad cheapers)
Even if you don't like slow songs you will like
This one.

31 Hold Your Ground

Great song ; awesome solo

Great song

32 Abyss of the Void

For me that I like stories, and believes that power metal should tell them, this is a magnificent one. I can picture all the story listening to the song

I can not believe that this song was left out of the list.
This song fills me with such strong emotions, it makes me feel as if I could never falter. I especially like the rhythm of the song, one can easily imagine the savior in his heavy armour riding through the night.
All in all a truly magnificent piece of art.

33 Afterlife
34 To the Metal
35 Damn the Machine
36 Rich & Famous

An excellent song. Outstanding

37 All of the Damned

This is a Great song

38 Salvation's Calling
39 Strangers In the Night

I don't believe it was not in the list. This song is just the most perfect song of Gamma Ray and one of the very best in power metal. Hail from France to the true best! Metal will never die!

40 A While in Dreamland

A beautiful ballad. It really will make you travel...

41 Into the Storm

Powerful intro kicks ass

42 Wings of Destiny

Another great song from powerplant.
I can't describe it much but I love it.

43 Leaving Hell

Underrated song from underrated album - Maclammy

44 Fairytale

One of the purest songs! This is Gamma Ray!

45 Induction
46 Eagle
47 Rise
48 Shine On
49 Gods of Deliverance

Easily one of their best. Speed metal masterpiece!

Haven't heard it a lot but I love it. (epecially
The chorus)
I don't have much to say but I love it.

50 Hellbent
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