Best Gangnam Style Parodies

The Top Ten

1 Hitler Style

This is stupid. Stupid Songs, stupid dance, stupid parody, stupid list

I never eard because I can't hear

2 This Is Jewish Style
3 Klingon Style
4 Rewind Youtube Style

I can't believe that they added Baby Shark to Rewind YouTube Style 2019. I HATE BABY SHARK!

It was going great until they put Call Me Maybe in. That totally ruined it. I wish C.R.J. never became famous.

5 Farmer Style

This is the best it shows what farmers do and it gives us something to do when we are on YouTube

6 Assassin's Creed Style
7 Apple iPhone 5
8 NASA Johnson Style

This is just awesome! Thank you very much for this, NASA!

9 London Style
10 Mitt Romney Style

The Contenders

11 Obama Gangnam Style
12 WWE Gangnam Style
13 South Park Style
14 Orange Nya Nya Style
15 Diggin Minecraft Style
16 Gangnam Style Mom
17 Texas Style
18 K Pop Kim Jong Style

This is the key of awesomes parody and it is hilarious like any other of the key of awesomes it make fun/ glorifies kim jong un

19 Banjoper Style

Sung by Connor Banjoper.

20 Hot Dog Condom Style
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