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21 Murder In the Skies
22 Take a Little Time
23 Hiroshima
24 Nothing's the Same V 1 Comment
25 Texas Strut
26 Blues for Narada

How can anyone make a list of Gary Moore songs and leave this one out, Now vote it up to top 5 where it's supposed to be!

An exelent song, so touching, just like the loner, it doesn't need any lyrics..

27 Wishing Well
28 Walking By Myself
29 Need Your Love So Bad
30 Military Man
31 Blood of Emeralds V 1 Comment
32 Still In Love With You
33 Crying In the Shadows
34 Victims of the Future
35 Hold On to Love
36 Spanish Guitar

I've never heard anyone play guitar like that and I know Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Gilmour, Richards, Slash, etc.

37 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Can anyone express the emotion of loving someone so much like Gary Moore does? I mean, we've all loved or love someone so much, they are like the blood flowing through our veins. And yet, no matter how much they do or don't know that, this song goes out to everyone who knows that their loved one will never know the extent that they are loved to. Brilliant.

V 1 Comment
38 Business As Usual
39 Drowning In Tears
40 Thunder Rising

Awesome song with a killer guitar/keyboard synth riff

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1. Still Got the Blues
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